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Trim that fat


The chicken kingpin, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), announced Monday that it is to phase out the use of trans fats in most of its products by early next year.  According to USA Today, KFC unveiled plans to switch to a new soybean oil from a partially hydrogenated oil by April and eliminate the artery-clogging trans fats in its fried chicken sold in the USA. (wonder what they use in other parts of the world)  There’s currently 5,500 KFC in USA and 8,600 located outside of USA.  KFC said that they planned to make the same changes world wide.  KFC and other fast-food chains have come under serious criticism in the USA for contributing to obesity and heart disease by their use of trans fats in their recipe.  The fast-food chain, Wendy’s, was the first to announce a switch from trans fats earlier this year.


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Halloween: thriller revisted

With Halloween around the corner, would like to relink this spooky old flick from Michael Jackson, spooky in a sense not just the video, but MJ himself as well. Hope you enjoy.

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Bund is renaming

 Bund 18

Read an article on Shanghaiist today saying that familiar street names and building names in Shanghai especially the ones around the Bund will be changed early next year.  According to the Municipal Urban Planning Bureau, the street names will first be reviewed and then the building names.  What that means is that “Bund 18” or “3 on the Bund” will probably be renamed No.3 and 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.  For those who frequently travels to Shanghai, you might want to get the addresses to your favourite clubs and restaurants around that area updated.  You can read the full Chinese version here from xwwb.eastday.com.

Above pic from Shanghaiist as well, nice pic.

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Possible cause for women infertility

Following yesterday’s post on the report on male’s possible infertility cause at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans, another report came out stating that women who delay having children could be condemning their daughters to the heartbreak of infertility, warn researchers.  According to The Daily Mail, a new study suggests older mothers may bequeath a devastating legacy by passing on biological flaws that will make it more difficult for their own daughters to get pregnant.  Dramatic findings from a US study of almost 80 women undergoing fertility treatment shows those who failed to conceive had older mothers than those who succeeded.  These mothers had a shorter ‘window of fertility’ between giving birth to their daughters and hitting the menopause.  Click here for the full article.  

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Mobile use = low sperm count?

The Daily Mail covered a story on men who uses mobile phones could run the risk of a lower sperm count on Monday night (UK time) and it’s all over local newspaper this morning.  According to The Daily Mail, “A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone.  Those who made calls on a mobile phone for more than four hours a day had the worst sperm counts and the poorest quality sperm, according to results released yesterday at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans.  Doctors believe the damage could be caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate.”

You can read the full article here.

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Desperate Mousewives

Desperate Mousewives

Saw this hilarious short cartoon flick on Lulu TV via Boing Boing where Depserate Housewives is dubbed into a Mickey Mouse flick.  Credit again goes to the guys at Boing Boing, if you haven’t bookmark them, please do so, they have tons of interesting links posted daily.  Back to the flick, you can see it here.

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iPod is five years old now

iPod Family Tree

Saw this great iPod family tree at engadget, can you believe it, Ipod just turned five.  Another excellent article from engadget back in September, “The iPod family cemetery”, had a great rundown of all iPods before the latest release.  Great pictures, read it here.

Happy Birthday iPod!!! Woot!!!

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Today in History, 23 October

In 1915 today, 25,000 women marched in New York City, demanding the right to vote.

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Farm with your PC

Cannabis Farm

Spotted this cannabis farm off Boing Boing today.  According to the site, a 17 year old Polish kid was caught farming cannabis off his PC.  Noticed there’s lighting, humidity and temperature control system for his mini farm.  Now there’s some real W.O.W. factor to this one.  So who said tech geeks aren’t creative.

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Stress toy = Choke a Duck

This happy duck waddles around and flaps his wings to the tune of “The Birdy Song”… it won’t be long before you want to stop the annoying repetitiveness!

Grab him up by the neck while dancing and he will scream and cluck like mad – flapping his wings and feet as you are gagging and choking him!

No matter how many times you choke the duck, it’s intent on finishing that damn tune!

Choke the Duck is a fantastic stress reliever – you can vent your feelings by making the duck gag. It also makes a great “practical choke….”

  • Approx 30cm tall
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Not a real duck

Choke a Duck

Saw this stress toy call Choke a Duck on Slash Gear and it is on sale for £14.99 at Gadgets.co.uk and there’s a funny demo video on the website as well.  Think I’ll be needing one of this for my office but too bad there’s no mute button on it. 

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Erotasy Island???

I’m a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) player.  I play World of WarCraft, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars… but the upcoming Erotasy Island is really something of its kind.  According to the developers, Erotasy Island is a Massive Multiplayer Online Erotic Game (MMOEG) designed exclusively for adults!  It combines fantasy role playing game, meeting place and a hardcore adult website to give the players the ultimate adult online community.  Now tell me this is wierd.  There isn’t much info on their website at www.erotasyisland.com except this newly release trailer, so stay-tune, ROFL.

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Coca-Cola’s Enviga


It’s out, Coca-Cola’s new calorie burning drink will hit the shelves in USA in January 2007.  In their press release this week, Coca-Cola’s chief scientist, Dr. Rhona Applebaum said that Enviga increases calorie burning.  “Enviga contains the optimum blend of green tea extracts (EGCG), caffeine and naturally active plant micronutrients designed to work with the body to increase calorie burning, thus creating a negative calorie effect.”  I don’t know, but sounds pretty yucky, rather stick with my Chivas Regal with green tea mix.  For more, please see the news release here.

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PS3 TV Advertisement

The new Spny PS3 TV advertisement named “The Wait” is finally out.  Reminds me a bit of the old movie, Close Encounters of The Third Kind. 

Another funny flick is the Wii vs. PS3 spoof, adult views only.

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First Look – Sony Mylo Com-1

Sony Mylo

The Sony Mylo Com-1 is out for HK$3,500 (US$450). With only 802.11b WiFi connection and a 2.4″ 320×240 QVGA display, I don’t think it’s all that great a gadget. The Mylo comes with Yahoo Messenger, Skype and Google Talk pre-installed, but no MSN Messenger (though I can install it from its Ad Hoc Application function). Apart from the communication functions, the Mylo is basically a PMP (or a mini-size PSP) which plays movies (MPEG 4 and AAC format) and sound files (MP3, WMA and ATRAC). Other features includes 1GB storage and a pull out QWERTY keypad. For details on Mylo, please click here.

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