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Stress toy = Choke a Duck

This happy duck waddles around and flaps his wings to the tune of “The Birdy Song”… it won’t be long before you want to stop the annoying repetitiveness!

Grab him up by the neck while dancing and he will scream and cluck like mad – flapping his wings and feet as you are gagging and choking him!

No matter how many times you choke the duck, it’s intent on finishing that damn tune!

Choke the Duck is a fantastic stress reliever – you can vent your feelings by making the duck gag. It also makes a great “practical choke….”

  • Approx 30cm tall
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Not a real duck

Choke a Duck

Saw this stress toy call Choke a Duck on Slash Gear and it is on sale for £14.99 at Gadgets.co.uk and there’s a funny demo video on the website as well.  Think I’ll be needing one of this for my office but too bad there’s no mute button on it. 

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