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Mobile use = low sperm count?

The Daily Mail covered a story on men who uses mobile phones could run the risk of a lower sperm count on Monday night (UK time) and it’s all over local newspaper this morning.  According to The Daily Mail, “A new study shows a worrying link between poor sperm and the number of hours a day that a man uses his mobile phone.  Those who made calls on a mobile phone for more than four hours a day had the worst sperm counts and the poorest quality sperm, according to results released yesterday at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans.  Doctors believe the damage could be caused by the electromagnetic radiation emitted by handsets or the heat they generate.”

You can read the full article here.

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Desperate Mousewives

Desperate Mousewives

Saw this hilarious short cartoon flick on Lulu TV via Boing Boing where Depserate Housewives is dubbed into a Mickey Mouse flick.  Credit again goes to the guys at Boing Boing, if you haven’t bookmark them, please do so, they have tons of interesting links posted daily.  Back to the flick, you can see it here.

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