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Hands on Review – Sony Mylo Com-1

Sony Mylo Well lucky me, got to try out the Mylo during lunch hour today, not long, just a brief 20 minutes and I noticed 2 design flaws already. First off, the Mylo runs on 802.11b WiFi, meaning that if you, like me, is testdriving this in a shopping mall with WiFi connections, the most you will be getting is around 1Mbps instead of 11Mbps transfer speed due to the fact that others are surfing along the same source and 802.11b, unlike 802.11g, is just not getting enough juice. Another flaw is the screen size. For Mylo, which is supposedly used for web browsing as well, the screen resolution of 320×240 under the 2.8″ screen is just not enough abeilt the zoom function. Better off using my PocketPC. My 2cents.


November 3, 2006 - Posted by | Gadgets n Gizmos, Review, SONY |


  1. What about Nokia N700?

    Also check out PSP3!

    Where can I buy Mylo in Hongkong?
    Store name pls?

    How bout in Singapore?
    Pls HELP !

    Dave Bernard

    Comment by Dave Bernard of Indonesia | January 9, 2007 | Reply

  2. Well the Sonystyle Online in Japan started taking orders on 12 December with target shipping date on 5 February. In Hong Kong, There’s couple shops who’s carrying the US version, I know of one and the link is as follow: http://www.seedigi.com. It’s currently selling for US$450. Check with them and see if they will ship to Singapore.

    Comment by hongkongphooey | January 9, 2007 | Reply

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