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Hong Kong live music scene

Was reading the following excerpt from Spike (his blog @ Honkie Town Redux) from his column to BC Magazine and was getting a good laugh out of it.   “…..why is it bands that play in Hong Kong bars consistently choose such awful songs to cover? With 50 years of rock, soul, hip hop, pop and country to pick from, why do they all play the same 20 songs? Why, for instance, does the band at Cavern only know one R.E.M. song? Why is it that every night at Insomnia they cover Lenny Kravitz but you never hear them try the Stones? Why do people actually freaking cheer every time the band goes into Dancing Queen as if Abba themselves had risen from their wheelchairs to sing it? And why does every Filipino bass player need to have a 5-string electric bass if the band is only playing Come On Eileen? I swear, I have heard Hotel California every night for the past five years and I’m at the point where if the band starts doing Bryan Adams I have to run out into the street before I get the dry heaves.”

Was at All Night Long last week, the new establishment by the Chasers group (not at same location, but in the middle section of Knutsford Terrace).  The place is small but nicely decored (as compared to Insomnia and Dust till Dawn).  One thing I still don’t understand is why they have to put the band right at the entrance of the inner section (layout just like Insomnia).  That way, people are backed up all the way to the bar in the outer section and the back side of the inner section is totally wasted.  Thought they learned after seeing those weekend traffic right in between the two sections, guess not.

Still remember back then when I first came back to Hong Kong in the early 90s, live band was not as big a hit as now.  At that time, a lot of the hotel bar outlets (Chin Chin, Some Place Else) features a Filipino duo and big discos (JJs, Canton) have their live band section.  Apart from those, Ned Kelly’s Bandstand at Ashley Road and White Stag on Canton Road  really features some happening live music (of course on a much different setting). 

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