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Naked truth – KFC tortures chicks

Naked Truth



Photo from Reuters.

These three (chicks) were seen in downtown Causeway Bay today, protesting against Kentucky Fried Chicken.

According to RTHK news, “An animal rights group has staged a protest outside the Causeway Bay outlet of Kentucky Fried Chicken – over what they claim is the American fast-food chain’s ill treatment of chickens. Three semi-naked members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, wrapped themselves in a banner asking the public to boycott KFC.”

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In Depth Review – Treo 750V

Treo 750V

Paul from Modaco posted this very in depth review on the new Treo 750V, click here to read.  An excerpt to his conclusion as follow:

“And so to the conclusion.

Whether the Treo 750v is the device for you depends massively on what you want from a device. If you want the latest specifications including a high quality camera, WiFi, video calling etc. etc., then the Treo 750v is probably not for you.

If you need a device that is as thin as possible, then the Treo may not be for you… but be really sure that size is the most important thing to you before dismissing it! It may be a little on the large side, but compared to devices such as the Fujitsu T830 it’s not, and it is still very pocketable.

If you need a workhorse device with a good thumboard, great one handed use cusomisations and build quality that means it should be able to take the strain like no other, then the Treo 750v could be what you need. Make sure that the proprietary connectors and lack of charging over USB aren’t going to cause you a problem, then make your choice smile.gif

The Treo 750v is a good first effort in Europe for Palm, hats off to them for making a device that in the end I am rather fond of, despite my reservations.

I’d like to close the review with a plea to Palm…. PLEASE recognise that you can still make great devices without making them look EXACTLY like the last Treo smile.gif.”

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