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Apart from the tech blogs I read pretty much everyday on the road via my RSS on my PocketPCPhone, I enjoyed reading blogs from a few good foreign bloggers here in Hong Kong.  To top off the list, Spike from Honkie Town Redux.  Spike, an American here for 9+ years share with us his music, movies, social life and political view on his blog, and for someone like me, a local back from US, a lot of those things sounds which familiar to me.  Other includes the newly added, Hong Kong Miserable Gweilo Bastard(one of the first blogs to link me, and thanks) and of course the Oridinay Gweilo

Been a farang in a foreign city myself years back, sometimes I really enjoy reading what others (foreigners) think about residing here.  I can feel the same frustration at times and can also relate to the joy when something nice were being discovered, be it old customs or unheard places visited.  One thing in common about these blogs is that food always comes up, not intentionally, but they’re just there.  That’s something which I myself still find pretty intriguing with this town (not the Anthony Bourdain style tho). 

The bar in the following pic was mentioned most amongst all Gweilo’s blogs lately.


Was linked in a post called Hong Kong Phooey v2 on Ordinary Gweilo yesterday.  To clarify, this is my first attempt at blogging and my prelim site still reside on blogspot under the same name.  As for the other Hong Kong Phooey site on blog-city, that have nothing to do with me.  Excerpt of the post as follow-

“Way back when, there was quite an entertaing spat on here concerning a blog called Hong Kong Phooey that briefly burst into life and then disappeared again. 

I suppose that it was inevitable that someone would use the same name again, and so here is the second incarnation of Hong Kong Phooey.  A crowd-pleasing mix of tech stuff and other odds’n’ends, but sadly nothing likely to upset anyone enough to generate 39 comments on one post (ah, happy days…).”


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