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For those of you who are familiar with the farang blogs from Thailand, I’m pretty sure you heard that Stickman closed down his weekly column, Stickman Weekly as linked here on my site.  John Galt, who runs a rival website, Notstickman’s Guide to Bangkok, reported that Stickman would post an update.  So far nothing on the weekly.  However, Stickman did post a short note on his main website stating that he will be taking a short break from his weekly column and concentrate on his teaching job. 

Well, today, as I was reading through Mango Sauce, I find another interesting post, there’s a new website up called NotMangoSauce.com.  The reason why there’s so many of these not-this, not-that website is because a lot of ppl just cannot deal with others having a site established and they setup these sites to flame them.  But nonetheless, still very interesting read. 

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