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Spike’s selective guide to HK blogs

Spike from Honkie Town Redux posted his selective guide to HK blogs and I am so proud to be named on it.  Woot, thanks for the recognition especially for a blog that only have a bit over two-months history.  This blog of mine is actually a collection of my favourites, mostly high tech gadgets and toys, cool vids, nice bars (working on it) and other interesting things that crosses my path.  Although I still don’t have a general direction as to where all this is heading but I will continue to post things which I find interesting and the most important of all, blog when I feel like and not blog for the sake of blogging.


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X’mas giftguide


Still don’t know what to get for youself, your significant half and the kids?  Check out the Gizmodo’s Giftguide 06 here for some ideas.  Remember, Christmas is only 12 days away.

[BTW, I love what’s on that tree.]

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