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Bush State of the Union Address – Funny

Anyone seen this? this is hilarious, great for Christmas.  A must watch, definitiely the best YouTube vid of the year.

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Microsoft Office alternative – ThinkFree


With the launch of Microsoft Vista coming soon, that means the new version of Microsoft Office will be launching soon too. For someone like me who have 4 computers at home, obtaining a legitimate licence for each of them could be pretty hefty.

With Christmas around the corner, I want to introduce you all to an alternative to Microsoft Office, see it as a Christmas gift, and it is Thinkfree, an online office which features the following –

– store 1GB of documents for free
– create, view, and edit Microsoft Office compatible files over the web
– collaborate using group editing and file sharing
– publish documents to our DocExchange, your web pages, blogs, or Internet applications
– quickly search from published or private files for the exact file you need

Sign up at the following link.

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