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News – Internet’s down and so am I

I am depressed, very much so.  Didn’t realize how much my life revolves around the internet until last night.  No MMORPG online games for me, cannot download any new songs for my new player, cannot access my fantasy football league, no YouTube, cannot read nor write blogs (apart from the local ones, can’t access mine, LOL) and cannot get on Xbox live 360.  The feeling is like having a major withdrawal and I’m going into detox atm.  Maybe it means some quality time at Wanchai for the rest of the week.  Thank God internet’s at least accessible to some sites at work this morning though slow as a snail. 

Related news clipping from Reuters:

Experts warns of 7-day delay to fix quake damage to communications 
2006-12-28 HKT 00:11
Experts say it may take seven days or longer to repair undersea cables that were cut following Tuesday’s earthquake off Taiwan. The incident affected internet and IDD communications in Hong Kong and other parts of the region. The assistant director of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority, T-Y Chan, said it was a “small disaster” for Hong Kong

Experts warn it take days to fix telecommunications 
2006-12-28 HKT 05:51
Experts are warning that severe disruptions to the regional telecommunications network may persist for days, if not longer. Yesterday, internet services slowed to a crawl, and some IDD communications in Hong Kong were affected, after an earthquake in Taiwan on Tuesday night severed undersea cables, crippling the network. Financial transactions were also hindered, especially in the currency market. 

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