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Circles of Influence for a Pattaya Bar Girl


Again from notstickmanbangkok.com, in his latest weekly column, John Galt wrote about the circles of influence for a bar/go-go girl from not only Pattaya but also Bangkok.

“The circles of influence for a bar or go-go girl are quite a bit different.   In Pattaya or the Bangkok “red light” districts, social correctness is significantly reduced.  The girls there don’t feel in influences of social correctness as they would in their home town.  This girls enjoy the freedom to indulge in sex for personal advancement.  Greed is a common influence.
Zone 1:  A girls is at the top of her game.  She is enjoying the work.  She is making great money.  She is doing something she likes and she is building the family their new home.  She is really not doing anything bad against anyone and this is no conflict to her Buddhist teachings.  Life is pretty damn good in this zone.  
Zone 2:  A girls is ripping of guys for cash.   She is certainly outside of the Buddhist principles and she knows it.  She may also be into drugs and just headed down a bad path.  She may not care about herself anymore.
Zone 3: This has been working for a while or this is the type that never really liked the bar industry.  She wants to get out of this work and marry and leave.  She is still doing well, but is not much interested in the money as a means to the end.   She may very well look forward to marriage and as the means to the end for a happy life.  Or this girl may have already made a lot of money and she is looking to retire.  She may be in a transition frame of mine.  Perhaps she saw a close friend die of a drug overdose or someone she knows contracted AIDS.   Greed is off the table and she is probably planning an exit strategy.
Zone 4: This is a girl who is in trouble.  She has over-stayed here visit to the naughty night life industry and her beauty is waning.  She may be having a hard time making enough money to support family back home and wants to leave but doesn’t have any other skill required to work anywhere else.   This girl is looking to marry as well but knows that her options are much slimmer than the younger more attractive girls who work with her.

In all of these models, the circles of influence are changeable based on surrounding influences to some extent.   And as an example, a girl down in the south battling Muslim hatred and violence would find here circles very different in size and placement.  As a foreigner, you may coax her into different zones by what influence you have on her…”

Full article here.


January 2, 2007 - Posted by | Bars & Clubs, Thailand

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