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Thoughts for the Day – Rehab….Having a Great Detox

[9March] What’s with rehab these days? Eddie Van Halen just checked into rehab yesterday and Robbie Williams checked out of rehab earlier this week.  Then there were the ins and outs of rehab from Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and of course the Miss USA Tara Conner a while ago.  Other notable mentions includes Kieth Urban (Nicole Kidman’s husband); Courtney Love and Robin Williams.  Maybe it is the “in” thing to tell people that “I’m clean now” or “I’m ready to party again”, not sure.  One thing for sure, we need one of those treatment centers here in town.

Googled this morning, searched for “rehab” under Hong Kong and nothing came up.  Rehab center actually could be a profitable business in town.  

[Updated: 31 March]  … Having a Great Detox, New York Times, 29 March 2007

Less than a decade ago, a stint in rehab was assumed to be a body- and soul-wrenching experience. A trip to even an elite facility like the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., was sufficiently shaming to keep under wraps – the psychic equivalent of a week in the stocks. Today a sojourn at a boutique establishment like Promises in Malibu, Calif., where until last week Britney Spears was tucked away, is openly discussed and in some quarters glamorized as a hip, if costly, refuge for the gilded set.

That idea is perpetuated – indeed aggressively promoted – by the marketers of a handful of high-end facilities, some of which advertise amenities on their Web sites like private rooms with 600-thread-count bedsheets, high-tech gyms, spa cuisine and ocean views. “There used to be a stigma to coming to a place like this,” said Chris Prentiss, the director of Passages, another exclusive treatment center in Malibu. “Now it’s like wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt.”……….Click here for full article. 

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Quit Your Job – Videoblogging Week 2007 Starting 1 April

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Treo 750 vs Dopod 838 Pro


Photo from Gear Diary

If you’re still considering buying either one of these phones, Gear Diary have a new comparison review up this week, check it out here.

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OQO Model 02 Ships Today


Photo from tnkgrl Mobile 

Wow, a lot of new gadgets coming out lately and this one covered in our earlier post, First Look – OQO Model 02, starts shipping according to engadget.  To see more of the OQO Model 2, tnkgrl Mobile posted both a picture and video review of the machine, OQO Model 02 hands on: Part 1 (pics) and OQO Model 02 hands on Part 2 (video).

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Congratulations to Christine on coming 2nd in the YouTube trophy for Best Comedy of 2006

Congratulations to Christine from Happy Slip on coming second in the YouTube trophy for Best Comedy of 2006. Here are the results and you can see her video “Mixed Nuts” right here.

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First Look – RIM Blackberry 8800


Was having drinks with a few friends last week and noticed that amongst the six of us, there were three Blackberry 8800, interesting.  Came across the review on the Blackberry 8800 yesterday and hope ppl find it useful if they’re contemplating on getting this sweet machine.  Read it all here.


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10,000 Hits Milestone

Achieved 10,000 hits in less than 6 months, never expected this, all happy now.  Thanks for all the support and will continue to post up some good stuff.

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World Down Syndrome Day – 21 March 2007


Down Syndrome International (DSI) has officially earmarked 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date was chosen to signify the uniqueness of Down syndrome in the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome and is used synonymously with Down syndrome. This year the theme for 21 March 2007 is “Celebrating Diversity”, to continue creating awareness about Down syndrome and promote acceptance of diversity. For more information about the celebration, please visit: http://www.worlddownsyndromeday.org.

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First Look – Samsung Q1 Ultra


Photo from Engadget

CLick here for the Engadget photo gallery on the Q1 Ultra.  A nice video walkthrough from Slashgear is also attached below.

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Voyeur @M1NT, 21 March


My buddies Roger (from Voila) and photographer Gabbard are hosting this function this Wednesday night at the M1NT.

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Toon for the Day – Fifth Year into the War


© Steve Bell 2007 steve.bell@guardian.co.uk (from Guardians Unlimited)

Bush pleads with US public to stand firm over Iraq war
March 20 2007: George Bush calls on the American public to show patience as the Iraq war goes into its fifth year with record levels of violence.

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The Goalie Scores – Hail Paul Robinson

Just going through all the vids on YouTube as I was busy moving last week.  Not sure how many of you all have seen this incredible goal by Tottenham Hotspur’s goalie Paul Robinson in their last game vs. Watford.  Truly amazing, second in his career.

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Today in History – 13 March


Hey! Let’s take the day off! It’s Uncle Sam Day! On this day back in 1852, the New York Lantern newspaper published an Uncle Sam cartoon for the first time. The drawing was the work of Frank Henry Bellew. Through the years, the caricature changed with Uncle Sam becoming symbolic of the U.S. being just like a favorite uncle. A prime example of this symbolism were U.S. Army posters that portrayed Uncle Sam pointing and saying, “I want you!” As a result, many of us joined his ranks.

Uncle Sam always wore a nifty suit of red, white and blue, a hat with stars and stripes down the trousers of both of his long legs. The origins of how he became known as Uncle Sam are varied, but include a dock worker wondering what the words “From U.S.” meant on shipping crates. Reportedly, he was told jokingly, “Oh, this is from your Uncle Sam.”

Extracted from Those Were the Days

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Pic of the Day – Great Personal Ad


Photo from ISpyShanghai

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