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Don Imus Dumped by CBS Radio


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CBS Radio announced Thursday that it has canceled Imus in the Morning, “effective immediately,” stemming from the racially offensive and sexist remarks the 66-year-old writer and humorist made on the air last week with regard to Rutgers University’s women’s basketball team.

CBS’s decision to nix the popular “Imus in the Morning” show, which mixed locker-room humor with interviews with top stars and politicians, followed days of uproar after he called the mostly black Rutgers University team “nappy-headed hos.”

The move came one day after he was unceremoniously jettisoned by MSNBC, which had broadcast his radio show on television and after several major advertisers, including General Motors and Procter & Gamble backed out.

Debates over racial expressions are a frequent feature of an American culture still struggling to come to terms with a legacy of slavery and discrimination. “Nappy” is a slur describing the tightly curled hair of many African-Americans. “Ho” is slang for “whore,” and is commonly used in rap music.

The slur “nappy” has largely fallen out of American usage…….click here for full article.

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Apple iPhone Emulator for Windows Mobile Released


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Looks very good on a Windows Mobile PocketPC, click here for the article and download link from msmobiles.

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