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Hands on Review on Dopod U1000 and HTC Shift


[29 March] CTIA 2007 posted his hands on review on the Dopod U1000 (HTC Advantage), HTC Shift and other upcoming HTC new phones, check out the review here.  If you noticed from the comment section of the same post, someone mentioned that the US version of the Dopod U1000, aka HTC Advantage, will run on WM6 whereas the European and Asian version will run on WM5.  Bummer, hope they release a WM6 rom soon.

[Updated: 24 April] Another nice review on the Dopod U1000 from the guys at Mobile-review, check it out here.

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Technorati Blog Stats and Feedbacks

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[Updated: 23 April] Hmm…still no adds and comments….. how about a free round to those attending tomorrow’s blogger meet?

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Mod of the Day – Truly Explicit Tattoo



Photo from ModBlog

People been asking me why I’ve been posting up the MODs here on my blog for they could never see me to have anything to do with it nor does it fit with my blog which sort of orients towards the techie stuff.  Well, I guess I’ve been watching too much Miami Ink lately on Discovery TLC channel.  To be honest, I never really like the idea of tattooing, but been slowly appreciating it as an art from.  This week I bring you this explicit tattoo from the guys at Kings of Fools, again from the great MOD site at ModBlog.  Click here for the full article. (I hope it is not too explicit and no one gets offended.)

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Awesome iPhone Video

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Boris Yeltsin Died at 76


Photo from Reuters

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who buried the Soviet Union then led Russia through its chaotic first years of independence, died on Monday aged 76, the Kremlin said….click here for full article from Reuters.

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