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Mod of the Day – Truly Explicit Tattoo



Photo from ModBlog

People been asking me why I’ve been posting up the MODs here on my blog for they could never see me to have anything to do with it nor does it fit with my blog which sort of orients towards the techie stuff.  Well, I guess I’ve been watching too much Miami Ink lately on Discovery TLC channel.  To be honest, I never really like the idea of tattooing, but been slowly appreciating it as an art from.  This week I bring you this explicit tattoo from the guys at Kings of Fools, again from the great MOD site at ModBlog.  Click here for the full article. (I hope it is not too explicit and no one gets offended.)

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Awesome iPhone Video

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Boris Yeltsin Died at 76


Photo from Reuters

Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, who buried the Soviet Union then led Russia through its chaotic first years of independence, died on Monday aged 76, the Kremlin said….click here for full article from Reuters.

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Burn The Floor, 4-6 May


Burn the Floor began with a Spectacular Ballroom Dance demonstration at Elton John’s 50th Birthday Party in 1997. Australian Producer Harley Medcalf attended this party and was mesmerized by the ancient art form that had come of age.

In 1998, Burn the Floor stormed its way onto stages around the world has since toured 32 Countries, 106 cities and sold over 3 million tickets – Burn the Floor became the biggest Touring Dance Show in the world and has since performed in such prestigious venues as: the Royal Albert Hall in London, Radio City Music Hall in New York and the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. One of their biggest market is Japan, 135,000 tickets were sold out in a mere moment. When they performed in Beijing, 50,000 tickets were all snapped up within a day and there was a near riot! Their stunning performance has made them an overnight sensation in every city and earned them rave reviews.

The “Burn The Floor” casts combines the incredible talent of the world’s best dancers, most of them are champions or won titles at the famous Blackpool Open Championship or the International Open Championship. Some of the dancers has performed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Unlike many other dance shows, Burn the Floor brings to life all styles of dance on stage including the samba, salsa, the elegance of the waltz, the rumba, tango, and the dynamic energy of swing and jive.

In 2006, after 8 years of successful touring, Director/ Choreographer Jason Gilkison and Producer Harley Medcalf launched the new and updated Burn the Floor for the 2007 World Tour.

The new Burn the Floor is all about the sensual and physical chemistry of Ballroom and Latin dancing in the 21st Century. The show builds on the choreography and concept of the original show with spectacular costumes, new music, and ignites the chemistry of two people – as one.

Director/Choreographer Jason Gilkison (World Ballroom and Latin dance Champion) says “This is ballroom supercharged. Burn the Floor as its name implies is breathtaking. Sparks will fly from the stage each night.”

The new Burn the Floor has already performed 3 sell-out tours of Japan, 5 tours of Australia, extensive successful seasons in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and now in 2007, a 42 week Tour around the World.

“So hot, it probably contributes to Global Warming” The London Examiner

“Your feet are singing when you leave the theatre” Las Vegas Sun

Running Time: Approximately 120mins (including 20mins interval)
Programme Enquiry: 2989 9239

Click here for ticket information.

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Masquerade Party at M1NT, 26 April


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Video on HTC Shift Launch


Today, at the Intel Developer Forum, High Tech Computer Corp., the world’s leading provider of Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smart devices, announced that its new groundbreaking mobile computer, the HTC Shift, will be based on Intel’s new Ultra Mobile platform 2007.

“With its revolutionary design, advanced wireless connectivity and comprehensive software applications, the HTC Shift is strengthened by the power of Intel’s innovative Ultra Mobile platform 2007,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer of HTC. This combination provides users with the ultimate mobile computing experience.

Based on the Intel Pentium M architecture with optimizations to significantly extend battery life within smaller form factors, the Intel Ultra Mobile platform 2007 comprises the Intel A110 processor, Intel 945GU Express chipset, and Intel ICH7U I/O controller hub.

The HTC Shift combines the power of Windows Vista with an innovative QWERTY-based keyboard design and 3G connectivity. The HTC Shift provides all the power, functionality and connectivity busy professionals need in a sleek, portable design. Packed with advanced connectivity, the HTC Shift features high-speed global connectivity with Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi. A multimedia maven, the HTC Shift leverages Windows Media Player 11 to provide easy access to music, videos and photos.

“Intel and HTC have a long history of working together on mobile technologies. Today’s announcement is another example of the two companies bringing their latest innovations together on the HTC Shift platform,” said Pankaj Kedia, Director of Global Ecosystem Programs in the Ultra Mobility Group at Intel. “Intel is continuing to extend its leadership by drastically reducing the power consumption and package size while delivering high performance in its silicon roadmap, and looks forward to continued collaboration with HTC.” ~ Extract from MobilitySite

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Toon of the Day – Bitch Fairy


Toon from Darkstar

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California Versus, 21 April


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OQO Model 02 Live Demo

[8 April] Kenrick from Kenrick’s blog just posted a live demo on his new OQO Model 02, click here for the video. (one thing worth notice is that he mentioned that the fan could be quite loud)

[Updated: 20 April] Yet another video review on the OQO Model 02, this time from the guys at iCube. This one focus much on the outlook itself and have some nice size comparison with mobile phones, the Sony U71 and even a box of Pocky. Check it out.


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Second Generation UMPC from IDF Beijing

Codename Menlow, the second generation UMPC prototype is out in Beijing, check out the video.  Small and compact for a fully functional PC, but noticed that boot up time was quite long.  Full article here by Mark Parker from Technology@Intel.

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Finally, Sanjaya is out of the Idol Race


Photo from E! News

The 17-year-old Seattle native was eliminated from American Idol Wednesday night, following a performance of Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” that Simon Cowell deemed “utterly horrendous.”

“I know this has been funny for a while, but based on the fact that we are supposed to be finding an American Idol, it was hideous,” Cowell said Tuesday.

Apparently, viewers agreed that the joke had run its course at last.

Full article from E! News here.

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Gunman’s Video – “When the time came I did it, I had to.”


Photo from FoxNews

What is this world becoming? 

“When the time came I did it, I had to.”

“Jesus loves crucifying me.”

“You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience.”

“You thought it was one pathetic boy’s life you were extinguishing. Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people.”

Click here for the full article from FoxNews.

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Review – BlackBerry Pearl 8100


Photo from The Gadgeteer

A very nice hands on review of the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 was posted by Julie on The Gadgeteer earlier this month.  Link here.  Seems to me the BlackBerry 8800 from my previous post is a better buy.  Check out both reviews if you’re planning on getting either one of them.

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My Blogroll – Intuitive Observations

Luke of Lost Horizons, have a new photo blog up called the Intuitive Observations, check it out, come nice pics.  Along that line, maybe I should start taking some pics around town and post it up here.  Another thought, nah, I suck at that.

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