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Dating is like having a Barbeque

Been reading some old posts off Abby Lee’s Girl with one-track mind and this one is really interesting for you guys still struggling in the dating game.  I’m extracting a few lines down here and if you’re interested, click here for the full article.  Check our Abby’s bio on the website too, she won the Bloggie Award for Best British/Irish Weblog in both 2006 and 2007. 

“Foodstuffs purchased:
BBQ: Avoid buying cheap meat, because it makes you look like a tight-wad. Plus, it’s a challenge to offer round a factory farmed, hormone-injected, mass-produced, mechanically-recovered “meat product” and successfully pass it off as once belonging to part of an animal.
Dating: Avoid –
a) Soups (small risk of slurpage – sounds emitted from any body orifice during a date are a no-no)
b) Spaghetti (high risk of chin-spillage – which is never a good look)
c) Spinach (major risk of getting bits stuck between your teeth – semi-digested green vegetables are never sexy)…..

…..The key to successful Barbeques and dates are all in the slow timing and preparation: get it wrong and people tend to vomit; get it just right and everyone has a smile on their face – especially with the bonus of an orgasm at the end of the night.”

May 28, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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