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More Review – Samsung Q1 Ultra


Review on the Samsung Q1 Ultra by InformationWeek (source via GottaBeMobile) is up, full article here.  The conclusion from the author – not so good.  Extract as below –

The ultramobile PC category is growing rapidly, and designers and manufacturers are experimenting almost wildly with features and designs. Samsung has been one of the leaders with its work on the Origami spec and the rapid release of new Q1 models over the past year. It’s design decisions for the Q1 Ultra are interesting, particularly the continuing omission of a full keyboard and the reduction in processor speed from 1 GHz to 800 MHz (even while adding Windows Vista, an operating system that requires a good deal of heavy lifting).

The portability is hugely tempting — I’d love to leave my 6-pound laptop at home and take a Q1 Ultra (and a folding keyboard) on my next trip. But overall, a device with a small screen, no keyboard, and performance in the PDA class doesn’t quite convince me it’s a “fully functional PC.”


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | Gadgets n Gizmos, Review, UMPC

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  1. The Q1Utra is a great little machine. But it isn’t easily accessible without a keyboard. Adding a free keyboard from http://www.freshnet8.com makes the UMPC so much more usable.

    Comment by Joe Blendford | July 15, 2007 | Reply

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