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Bill Walsh Died @ 75


Photo from Yahoo News


Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh, who won 3 Super Bowls with the 49ers, dead at 75.  Nicknamed “The Genius” for his original schemes that became known as the West Coast offense, Walsh died at his Woodside home Monday morning following a long battle with leukemia.  Link to AP News here.

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My Blogroll – Sperm Donation


“Donations can be in money, goods, blood, organs and bone marrow. But what happens when you mix heartfelt charity with a handful of self-gratification? Sperm donation.”  This was the opening line to the article “College students ready to donate sperm” on The China Daily.

From Shanghaiist, I linked this story and the funny pic above.  Good laugh while reading.  To close this out, another line from the article.

“Unlike what some people may think, sperm donation is not just about walking into a place, having a pleasant five minutes with yourself and handing over your happiness in a cup. One has to pass tests for STDs and genetic and infectious diseases. And the entire process can take a couple of months.

“It’s a long and demanding process which requires great patience and commitment, and the schedules have to be largely flexible for the young donors.”

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First Look & Review – Dopod U1000 (codename Athena)(aka HTC Advantage x7500)


Photos from Engadget Chinese

[19 March] Saw the Dopod U1000 at CSL shop yesterday, played with it a bit and my initial thoughts were the screen was awesome, weightwise acceptable, too big as a phone (I used to have the Dopod 900 and this machine is a lot larger than that) and the major bummer is that it is still running on Windows Mobile 5.0.

Spec wise, it features a nice 5″ screen (680×480), 8G Microdrive, 3M pixel camera, support for 3G, USB host, detachable keypad and much more.

For a thorough review, please click here to read the Google translated article from pocketpc italia.com. I also included the follow links to some nice pics and other reviews but they are in Chinese (pics looks great tho).

Engadget Chinese: Dopod U1000 review

Phonedaily: First Look on Dopod U1000

Phonedaily: Dopod U1000, the outer look

Phonedaily: Dopod U1000, the specs

[Updated: 22 March] On The Go Solutions have posted a nice article on the whole unboxing of the Dopod U1000, click here to read, some excellent pics

[Updated: 26 March] Tons of vids on the Dopod U1000 can be found here at Fonehubber.

[Updated: 31 July] Another review from MobileTechReview.  Very thorough, link here.

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Video Review – HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC

Further to the written review on the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC, TabletPCReview posted this video review as a follow-up.  The best thing is finally we got a confirmation that the screen changes orientation automatically, I just love this feature.  Can’t wait till they are available here in Hong Kong.

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Masterplan @ JJ’s [The Grand Hyatt], Every Wednesday



Every WED, Masterplan, a 6 piece band from Vancouver, Canada plays all the hits from the 60’s. From Motown to Brit Pop you can expect to hear the songs that changed the face of Pop music to what it has become today.

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First Look – AlphaGrip


Brand new text input device, in my opinion, best for Home Entertainment PC rather than cellphoes or UMPC as the author suggested in the videos.  Nonetheless an innovatice device, better if it is wireless.  Going for US$99.  Link to AlphaGrip’s wensite here.  

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Mod of the Day – CTRL+ALT+DEL


  Photo from ModBlog

Reckon the blue screen of death? this one from ModBlog, link here.


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Video Review – iPhone vs Sony Ericsson W950 vs Nokia E61

Steve Litchfield from allaboutsymbian.com had a nice video out (one of his many video podcast) on the comparison between the iPhone, the Sony Ericsson W950 and Nokia E61.  Enjoy. 

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More Video on the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC

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HTC (Dopod) Free Upgrade to WM6


[11July] Following my last post on Dopod’s free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 in May (link here), details were finally announced by HTC yesterday.  Follow this link for the downloads, please note the release of the upgrade for respective models. 

[Updated: 12 July] As of 3:15pm, the upgrade for Dopod 838pro is still not up on HTC’s site, bumming.

[Updated: 4:50pm, 12 July] The upgrade for Dopod 838pro is finally out, but only the Chinese version.

[Updated: 16 July] English rom for Dopod 838pro is out.

[Updated: 27 July] Upgrade for U1000 been pushed back from 20 July to 27 July and it’s offically out.

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The Emperor Tsang Tsou-Choi Died @ 86


Photo from Sing Tao


Photo from Colors

Long live the Emperor, he past away on the 15 July at the age of 86.  Following is an extract from Colors on the Emperor.

“For 50 years, Tsang Tsou-Choi has expressed his belief that his family is the rightful ruler of Kowloon, an area of Hong Kong, by writing his claim on lamps, pavements, walls and pillars. His work has been constantly removed and he’s often been arrested, but neither the departure of his wife–who got sick of his obsession–nor the absence of any records backing up his claim have shaken his conviction. The contents of his calligraphy usually contain some or all of the following: his name, his title (King or Emperor of China, Kowloon or Hong Kong, depending); a list of 20 or so ancestors, with new additions from time to time; the names of some famous Chinese emperors and phrases such as, “Down with the Queen of England.” Now that his poor health has forced him into a retirement home, he continues his calligraphic campaign on towels, plastic cups and bed sheets, and tells visitors that Donald Tsang–the chief executive of Hong Kong–is an impostor, and that he should have been elected instead. The work of the world’s oldest graffiti artist is now on the official list of “Hong Kong identity symbols to be protected,” and one piece of wood he painted sold for HK$8,600 (US$1,100) at auction last year. “I don’t care about money and fame,” he told COLORS recently in an increasingly rare interview (his “manager” now restricts access). “They should just give me back the throne. I am not an artist–I am simply the King.” [Extracted from Colors]

His link on Wikipedia is here.

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First Look – Microsoft Surface


Guys at the PopularMechanics took a first look at the Microsoft Surface and have included a very nice video on how the Microsoft Surface works. Take a look at it, link here.


Illustration from PopularMechanics

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Shame On You – Philipp Plein


With my full support, F.U.P.P.2.  Following is the extraction from http://www.fuck-you-philipp-plein.net.

The case Philipp Plein

The enterprise “Philipp Plein” is a “young and dynamic” fashion and design label residing in Switzerland. The founder’s name is Philipp Patrick Plein, born in Munich – and his website reveals: the success story of the Salem pupil commenced in 1998, at first with “luxury goods” exclusively designed for family and friends. Jewelry, furniture and fashion were added later; the “fascinating PHILIPP-PLEIN-COUTURE line” was introduced to the awaiting public in summer 2007.

The dynamic designer uses unusual methods to provide his products with the necessary publicity: for example a 100 pieces limited t-shirt advertising with a stylized Chinese and the slogan “F-U-C-K you China – Manufactured in Europe. Produced and designed by Philipp Plein.”. All this came to public through an article on “Deutsche Welle“-Website on the 9th july 2007.

We, Chinese citizens living, studiing and working in Germany, but also all other people, who wont compensate with daily rassism, protest fiercely against that kind of slogans – and against the company “Philipp Plein” which produced that disgusting t-shirt, and against all traders of those shirt. “Fuck you, China“, means: fuck you, 1.4 billions of humans on this world.

The Company “Philipp Plein” sent us an (unconfirmed) letter and gave a funny statement: the slogan “fuck you China” should ment as “kiss you China”… That company-letter is published at this website, also an answer to Philipp Plein from a Chinese-speaking forum. Is that statement believable? You can vote here.

“Philipp Plein” has to apologize itself, in the public!
Suspension of production and sale of this t-shirt.
– Put an apology on the official website, http://www.philipp-plein.com.

And, as long as this doesnt happen:
Boycott of Philipp Plein, every fashion shop and outlet which sells that t-shirt!
No way for racism!

F.U.C.K. you, Philipp Plein!
sure, It means the same way to you as you did to our country – Friendly Unstoppable Careful, Kiss YOU, Philipp Plein

[via http://www.fuck-you-philipp-plein.net]

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First Look – Samsung SGH-P520, The Next Touch Phone



Photos from Engadget

Following the Prada phone, HTC Touch and the iPhone, the next touch phone in line is the Samsung SGH-P520.  According to Engadget, the phone passed FCC and should be released fairly soon.  Not much details on the specs except that we know that it features a 2.6-inch 320 x 240 resolution LCD, GSM / EDGE connectivity, a three-megapixel camera, 50MB of internal memory, Bluetooth A2DPwith, WiFi, and a microSD card slot.  As usual, will update once I get hold of more details. [via Engadget]

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