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Shame On You – Philipp Plein


With my full support, F.U.P.P.2.  Following is the extraction from http://www.fuck-you-philipp-plein.net.

The case Philipp Plein

The enterprise “Philipp Plein” is a “young and dynamic” fashion and design label residing in Switzerland. The founder’s name is Philipp Patrick Plein, born in Munich – and his website reveals: the success story of the Salem pupil commenced in 1998, at first with “luxury goods” exclusively designed for family and friends. Jewelry, furniture and fashion were added later; the “fascinating PHILIPP-PLEIN-COUTURE line” was introduced to the awaiting public in summer 2007.

The dynamic designer uses unusual methods to provide his products with the necessary publicity: for example a 100 pieces limited t-shirt advertising with a stylized Chinese and the slogan “F-U-C-K you China – Manufactured in Europe. Produced and designed by Philipp Plein.”. All this came to public through an article on “Deutsche Welle“-Website on the 9th july 2007.

We, Chinese citizens living, studiing and working in Germany, but also all other people, who wont compensate with daily rassism, protest fiercely against that kind of slogans – and against the company “Philipp Plein” which produced that disgusting t-shirt, and against all traders of those shirt. “Fuck you, China“, means: fuck you, 1.4 billions of humans on this world.

The Company “Philipp Plein” sent us an (unconfirmed) letter and gave a funny statement: the slogan “fuck you China” should ment as “kiss you China”… That company-letter is published at this website, also an answer to Philipp Plein from a Chinese-speaking forum. Is that statement believable? You can vote here.

“Philipp Plein” has to apologize itself, in the public!
Suspension of production and sale of this t-shirt.
– Put an apology on the official website, http://www.philipp-plein.com.

And, as long as this doesnt happen:
Boycott of Philipp Plein, every fashion shop and outlet which sells that t-shirt!
No way for racism!

F.U.C.K. you, Philipp Plein!
sure, It means the same way to you as you did to our country – Friendly Unstoppable Careful, Kiss YOU, Philipp Plein

[via http://www.fuck-you-philipp-plein.net]


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