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Nokia E90 vs Dopod U1000


Photo from All About Symbian

[28 April] A great head-to-head review on the Nokia E90 and the Dopod U1000 is posted up by Steve Litchfield on All About Symbian. “Tot up the ad-hoc scores in the laptop replacement battle above and you get 81 for the Nokia E90 and 77 for the HTC Advantage X7500. It’s fair to say that bothdevices target a higher end market ‘niche’, with the E90 being the slightly more accessible and practical of the two. With very different form factors though, they both deserve consideration if you want the biggest, the fastest and the most function-packed devices in existence…”. Click here for full story.

[Updated: 9 August] Steve “Chippy” Paine from UMPC Portal put up the following vid in search of an alternative platform which can rival the UMPC, for this, he picked the Nokia E90. The title to the article speak for itself, Nokia E90. I need to know if it kills UMPCs. We will follow closely and see whether the E90 can manage to outshine the UMPCs.

[Updated: 19 August] A review on the Nokia E90 is up on MobileTechReview and their conclusion – “HSDPA will thrill Europeans and quad band EDGE means the phone will work fine in the US as well as anywhere else in the world GSM service is available. WiFi will keep you connected when near an access point and Nokia’s Bluetooth implementation is as usual, excellent. The PIM applications are strong and the Office suite plus Acrobat Reader make for a good mobile office. The web browser is best in its class and the mail application is decent. BlackBerry users will appreciate BlackBerry Connect and the phone’s overall stability is excellent. For the first time, we get good multimedia and an excellent camera in a Communicator, which means down times won’t be dull.” Click here for the full review.

[Updated: 21 August] Latest price for the imported Nokia E90 is HK$7,380 (US$950).

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  3. Definitely the Communicators are the best Smartphones ever, for business applications. I used to have a 9500, have a 9300i and most probably will move to an E90 soon. Just think this Quick Office is not so good, the previous Office package on 9500/9300/9300i models was much better to work with. Else the camera is also pointless, I think most people that look for a smartphone and/or a portable notebook do not care much about these embeded cameras. Best thing is to have a camera with 7 megapixels plus. The ones included in smartphones are never as good.

    Comment by Fabio Otero | August 24, 2007 | Reply

  4. Just want to know if when will E90 hit major stores in HK? As of now is quiet hard to find it. Telecomunication shops like (1010, Smartone, PCCW, Smartvodafone) don’t have it yet. Plus it’s pretty damn expenssive! Before buying it ad rather wait for a few months to get some special offers from shops like Fortress or Broadway!

    Comment by Mel B. | September 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Don’t think local carriers nor the chain stores are going to carry the E90 as past models weren’t too popular here in Hong Kong.

    Comment by hongkongphooey | September 19, 2007 | Reply

  6. Well nokia E90 is now 2 year old outdated model. Nokia is still waiting for Santa to come by and announce new model. So many comapnies have Smartphone and I am just watching Nokia site for announcement.

    Comment by kirti doshi | December 4, 2008 | Reply

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