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Tons of news from HTC, all summarized here. Hehe, lazy me.

HTC unveiled the HTC TyTN II across Europe today

HTC unveiled the HTC TyTN II across Europe today which means that there is the unique possibility that we well may see it very soon here in the USA. The highly anticipated TyTN II features global high speed HSDPA connectivity, in-built GPS and an adjustable screen angle…..[link from msmobiles.com]

HTC P3600i officially launched in Hong Kong


Photo from Phone Daily

HTC today launches the newest PDA phone HTC P3600i. The HTC P3600i features 3.5G HSDPA connectivity, Windows Mobile 6 Professional, embedded GPS system, 500MHz CPU, 256MB ROM, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Windows Live Messenger, Push mail, etc. The tempting design of HTC P3600i is available in Polished Black and Ceramic White with glossy attractive exterior….[link from MobilitySite, link from PhoneDaily (Chinese)]

HTC Shift UMPC with Windows Mobile and Vista in one device – to be unveiled at Gitex

It looks like not only i-mate but also HTC will be releasing/announcing new devices at Gitex 2007 trade show that takes place 8-12 September 2007 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. [link from msmobiles.com]

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Getting in Sync, Part 1


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week, I’m looking at the problems and solution in getting multiple devices and multiple email accounts in sync. Click here for the link.

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Answers to Questions posted on GBM re: HTC Shift

Hugo Ortega finally answered some of the questions posted after the video review he posted on GottaBeMobile (see old post here). Link here.

Some highlights –

Screen brightness. Better than Everun/Q1 Ultra?
As bright as the Q1 Ultra but minues all the glare.

Native screen res in Vista? 800×480 or 1024×600?
800 x 480 (Phooey thoughts: Big minus, bummer)

How does it perform relative to your Everun?
Screamed. The EVERUN and ALL OTHER UMPC appear sluggish against the Shift. It really runs Vista better than all other A110 based UMPC, and related devices.

Hibernation took 3 min’s in the video. I assume this is a problem and not normal. I saw it on my i7210 once. Painfully slow!
Buggy perhaps. Out of standby it is very fast, i.e. like typical Vista.

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Boot Speed Test – Fujitsu U1010 HDD vs SSD

[via UMPC Portal] The above showing the U1010 running on HDD and the one below on SSD.

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Review – Toshiba Portégé G900


Photo from the::unwired

[16 August] Nice review on the Toshiba Portégé G900 by Arne Hess is up on the::unired. I’m not too impressed with this machine due to the bugs found immediately after the release. But luckily with the quick patch released, seems much problems been resolved. Nontheless, the G900 spot a very nice 3″ WVGA touch screen at 800 x 480 pixels. So read on and decide for yourself how this one rank. Personally, with the upcoming release of the HTC Kaiser, the G900 only have a short product window life due to the limitations of the sepcs. Link to full review here, read it and form your own judgment.

[Updated: 28 August] pocketnow.com have a review (link) up on the new Toshiba Portégé G900 and their views on it aren’t that great. “I’ve personally been hoping for a VGA-enabed PDA phone for quite some time. Alas, the G900, while decent, just doesn’t live up to my expectations. The quirky behavior (even with the recent patch), lackluster design, and sharp edges really quickly outshone any highlights that I came across. It’s not a bad phone, just not a good phone, and probably wouldn’t be a unit I would readily recommend unless you really wanted fingerprint security on a WVGA device. Hopefully, Toshiba will take this unit back to the drawing board and bring back a really great unit. But until then, the WVGA dream will have to stay just that, a dream.” Check out the review though, tons of good pics.

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