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First Look Video – HTC Touch Dual

via Expansys

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iPhone or iPod Touch

[24 September] Remember I mentioned my friend Ken a couple days back? this guy been harassing me non-stop around the clock, SMSing me and emailing me, telling that I should join the party and get an iPhone or else I wouldn’t look hype enough as a gadget blog writer. With the iPod Touch coming out end of this week, it’s getting harder and harder to resist as the iPhone price is dropping fast, and I mean real fast. Latest from the local forum, HK$3,000 for a 4GB unlock and HK$4,200 for a 8GB. Hmm….

[Updated: 26 September] Been getting a few queries on the local iPhone prices. Just checked around today, the prices I posted couple days ago are correct considering the US list price (they still make a bundle). The catch is for HK$3,000/HK$4200, you get the iPhone with software unlock (what they claimed) but some users been having problems activating programs like YouTube or using WiFi and there’s no after-sale service whatsoever. For a bit more, some reputable shops would keep you updated to the latest firmware, attach the screen protector for you and maybe give you a silicon cover for the iPhone. Again, these prices are for references and are the going prices listed on local forums.

With the iPod Touch coming out end of this week, I would predict the iPhone prices to dip a bit, not much, as most of these ppl got their phones in earlier shipments. But in the next week or two, the prices should be closer to the US list price plus HK$500 or so (HK$2,900/HK$3,800).

[Updated: 3 October] The price for the iPhones went up the past couple days due to the fact that the new firmware bricked so many of them and ppl are trying to get replacements for their bricked ones. In addition, iPhone ver. 1.0.2 is becoming harder and harder to come by, thus the price hike according to supply and demand. If you still want one, get them now, price will continue to go up until someone can hack ver.1.1.1.

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The New HTC TouchFLO

Click the following link for wmv format – http://x.msmobiles.com/portal/video/htc-touchflo-reloaed-version-2.wmv

In the latest interview with msmobiles.com, John Wang of HTC demonstrated the new generation of the TouchFLO technology, link to the article here.

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