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Web Wednesday Hong Kong 5.0



Napoleon Biggs with Kevin Huang

Went to Web Wednesday Hong Kong v5.0 (a regular get-together held on the first Wednesday of every month) last night at Lotus Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge.  As usual, a great gathering with people in the local digital media and internet industries.  Napoleon Biggs, the event organizer, introduced the first “sofa session”, an interview with Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixel Media Asia and Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of Interactive Marketing (HKAIM).  Kevin shared with us some of his views on topics such as internet marketing and Facebook and I will be blogging about it in my upcoming blog entry over at CNET Community Blog, so stay tuned.


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Free Burma – International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on the 4th of October


For details, please visit the site at http://www.free-burma.org.

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Tablet PC Comparison – Fujitsu T2010, T4220, Lenovo X61T & HP2710P

[11 September] 

Discussion of the Week

The following Tablet PC comparison from our contribution writer Emmanuel Jouanne. What are your thoughts? Leave your views under the comments section.


All config include 2GB RAM

(1) With power saving settings
(2) http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=918
(3) http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=868
(4) SXGA model too expensive for this comparison
(5) Provided the SXGA screen is available again

[Updated: 4 October] From Emmanuel,

I am a little bit confused now as the following article (http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=963) says that the T2010 has 1,707 PCMarks vs 2,453 PCMarks for the HP 2710p! (difficult to explain why that would be the case)

And in the following article (http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/silverman/5180111.html), the journalist explains that the HP 2710p is the “best Windows Vista notebook I’ve tried this year”.

Only one advantage for the X61T:  the 2710p is “not quite as fast as the X61”.

Many advantages of the 2710p:
The X61T has a battery life of “more than four hours per charge” with the 8-cell
The X61T has a “dim screen”
The 2710p has handwriting recognition “noticeably better than even that on the X61. I’m not sure why there would be such a difference — both use Vista’s recognition engine — but it was striking.”
The 2710p is a little lighter and has a 12.1-inch widescreen display, which means when it’s in tablet mode; it’s perfect for reading Web pages or other documents.

Any thoughts?

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iPhone倉頡線上輸入法 – iPhoneTW版本

via iPhoneTW 

iPhone倉頡線上輸入法 – iPhoneTW版本






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Unboxing Video – HP Compaq 2710p

James Kendrick over at jkOnTheRun posted his unboxing vid on the HP Compaq 2710p, he also covered the ultra-thin battery and the expansion dock in the video.  Check it out and enjoy.

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