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Review & Impressions on the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC


Photo from Sierra from GTB’s Forum

[4 August] More impressions on the HP Compaq 2710p from Sierra from GottaBeMobile (GBM) Forum, link to forum page here.

Key extracts from the posts –

  • If you look at pics of the 2710p in slate mode, the hinge produces a budge on the right hand side. Early impression is that this is actually a good thing. My hand fits there nicely and it makes an good grip. We’ll see if that impression holds.
  • This is the most smudge-free screen I’ve used. Bizarre. It also has a very nice anti-glare coating, not that you can tell from my pictures below. It’s bright and crisp, even outdoors in the shade, although that was a 100% brightness. I need to do more outdoor testing.

Local forum indicated release date for HK is 21 August.

[Updated: 8 August] There’s an updated full review by Sierra up on GBM, link here.

Key extract from the review –

“The system is fast. I can’t really do an apples-to-apples comparison because I don’t have another Windows Vista system, but compared to my TC1000 (1.1Ghz, 1GB) and my P1610 (1.2Ghz, 1GB), the 2710p seems significantly more responsive. ”

“Camera – I’ve only used it to read business cards, but what a whiz-bang feature! Takes beautiful shots of business cards and imports directly into a card app, which will then export into Outlook. Very slick and very easy to use. Worked on all of the cards I tested except the Japanese one. J Even on the Japanese card, it got the company and the email address, so I was impressed.”

[Updated: 11 August] Another review out from TabletPC2.com, link here. Some nice pics on the docking and the optional slim battery. One thing to note is that the processor we’re getting here in Hong Kong is 1.20 GHz , 2 MB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB U7600 instead of the U7500 1.06GHz as mentioned in the review.


Photos from TabletPC2.com

[Updated: 18 August] cNet posted a review up on the HP Compaq 2710p Tablet PC and they don’t like it that much. They gave it a 6.6 out of 10 and their verdict on the machine –

The good: Slick, brushed-aluminum design; sturdy but lightweight construction.

The bad: No touch pad; no optical drive.

The bottom line: HP’s attractive Compaq 2710p convertible tablet suffers from one fatal flaw, choosing a ThinkPad-style pointing stick over a touch pad, effectively ruling it out for a large number of potential users. Full review here.

In addition, Laptop Magazine also posted a review and they say that the HP’s sleek convertible performs well but doesn’t have the best ergonomics. Their review here.

[Updated: 30 August] Rob Bushway of GBM just finished a 48 minutes long video review on the HP 2710p. Very informative and he pointed out a few weak points of the tablet (Hmm… weaknesses that makes me reconsider). But all in all, he still likes the form factor and he is keeping it. Link to review here.

[Updated: 6 October] James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun ran the most thorough review on the HP2710p. His take on the tablet –

“It is no doubt apparent that I am very pleased with what HP has brought to the tablet with the 2710p. It is not only a great Tablet PC but also a stellar thin and light notebook computer, something that other OEMs have attempted to do but none as successfully as this in my book. The hardware components are a decent compromise for providing great battery life while still providing very good performance, even under the resource hog that is Vista. HP has done a good job making sure that the entire package works as flawlessly with Vista as anything I have seen yet. The thin and light design is stellar at providing a great OOBE and daily usage. While the 2710p is pricey if you use the HP configurator on their web site, I was able to purchase this one using a “Smart Buy” that priced this top of the line configuration at just $1,749 which is a great price for this hardware. Check the HP site before you make a purchase decision as they usually have good configurations priced attractively this way.”


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