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Review – iPod Nano 3Gen (8GB) and iPod Classic (160GB)


Photo from Gear Diary

Mitchell Oke have another great review out over at Gear Diary, this time on the iPod Nano 3Gen and the iPod Classic. It’s a great all-in-one review with tons of pics. In short, Mitchell’s take on the two iPods –

“I love the new Nano. Apple have managed to roll all of the features of the full sized iPod into it’s tiny flash based player, and it works very well. The new QVGA display is crisp and bright, and the new menus are a lot nicer than the simple but boring menu that has been on the iPod since the original monochrome model. It’s very disappointing that the reflective back has made a comeback, as the 2nd Gen had it perfect (as did the iPod Mini). The new design isn’t as nice as the old one, but it feels positively diminutive in your hand and your pocket.

The Classic is a refresh of the 5th Gen model, getting a minor facelift and capacity upgrades. Performance on the new model is quite bit disappointing however, as menus lag and the click wheel is unresponsive. Video out functionality has also been crippled now requires expensive Apple cables. If you already have an 5th Gen iPod there isn’t a compelling reason to upgrade. For new buyers however it is great value, as you get even more capacity and slightly better battery life for the same money. The performance issues will likely (hopefully) be rectified in a firmware update.”

Link to the full review here, enjoy.

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  1. I bought the 160 gig classic on Friday. I noticed the click wheel is far less responsive but thought it was just me till I read this.

    I went for the larger capacity so I could re-rip my collection at 320 instead of 192. Also I like the appearance and structure of the new menus even though the lag is noticeable.

    Comment by Spike | October 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. You selling your iPod Touch now?

    Comment by hongkongphooey | October 15, 2007 | Reply

  3. No, still holding onto the Touch, at least until they come out with a 160 gig version next year.

    Comment by Spike | October 15, 2007 | Reply

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