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Another Look at the Amazon Kindle

Yet another great video review on the Amazon Kindle from the guys over at technologyevangelist. Was talking about the Kindle with some friends over drinks today and they were a bit worried about the download of books since we’re outside the USA (thus no access to the Sprint’s EV-DO ‘Whispernet’ Service).  Well, I told them from what I read so far, there’s a built-in USB port which people can use while they’re outside the USA and the only way to transfer content is through a USB connection from the PC.  Amzon also stated that will not download information overseas. However, they do plan on having it be able to operate overseas in the future, but had no timeline just of yet.

While I’m at it, check out the following article from Mike Elgan from Computerwold “Opinion: Why Amazon’s Kindle is revolutionary”  Definitely a read read on the Kindle.

Source –MobilitySite 


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  1. it’s easy to imagine the Kindle being combined with the functionality of a cell phone, PDA and mp3 player to make an all-in-one gadget

    Comment by Joe | February 24, 2009 | Reply

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