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More Videos on the HTC Cruise

Close comparison with the iPhone

Long unboxing and review on the HTC Cruise (in French tho)

Three weeks ago if you asked me what phone I will be getting this Christmas, if any, I will tell you it’s the LG KS20. Two weeks ago, my answer will be the HTC Touch Dual. Come this week, it is the HTC Cruise.

Reasons –

  • the HTC TouchFLO interface (obviously only the HTC have them)
  • WiFi which the HTC Dual lacks (LG KS20 have)
  • faster processor speed than the LG KS20 (same speed as the HTC Dual)
  • GPS (ultimate)
  • FM Radio (LG KS20 have it too, HTC Dual don’t have)
  • larger screen size @ 2.8″ (same as LG KS20 but larger than the HTC Dual’s 2.6″)
  • 3.2 megapixels camera (the other two have 2.0 megapixels)

Checked with local HTC and we can expect it here in Hong Kong before Christmas.


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  1. […] Prada phone. Their take on the phone was similar to what I mentioned in my previous post, More Videos on the HTC Cruise, i.e. the lack of the TouchFLO […]

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