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iPhone Firmware v.1.1.3 Coming

[8 December] This new update, which somehow still doesn’t hit a major version number, could be released as early as this weekend. The two main features, other than some likely bundled bug fixes and such, are the voice recording and disk mode.

“Voice recording would allow you to record conversations, lectures, business meetings, stuff of that nature, and with easy access to something that could record those items, you could probably find more ways to use it. The disk mode feature would do two things, first, it would likely give you full access to the file system of the iPhone, not that big of a deal, but it’ll be nice for the iPhone Dev Team to not have to work for it anymore.

The second feature disk mode will grant you is the ability to use the iPhone like a giant 8GB flash drive should they choose to. If you want music and videos to play on the iPhone, you’ll have to still use iTunes and import them properly, but you’ll be able to store documents, programs, things of that nature on the iPhone’s flash drive, presumably without the need for iTunes.”

Extracted from Engadget

[Updated: 30 December] More news surfaced in regarding the new firmware.  According to Engadget Mobile, “it can now handle SMS to multiple recipients, the springboard (home screen) supports reordered icons and pagination (as well as web bookmarks), and Google maps gets hybrid view and that nifty cell-based location system.”

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Motorola Q9H Officially Launched in Hong Kong



Pics from PhoneDaily

Following my last post on the import version of the Motorola Q9, MOTO Q9H Here in Hong Kong, the Motorola Q9 is officially launched in Hong Kong as the Motorola Q9H.  Price tag on it is HK$3,980 and the specs are as follow –● GSM Quad-band / GPRS / EDGE
● WCDMA 2,1GHz / HSDPA 3.6Mbps
● Windows Mobile 6 standard
● 256MB ROM、96MB RAM
● Support microiSD slot @2GB
● 2.4″ TFT screen
● 11.8 mm thick
● 2.0 Megapixel camera
● Windows Media Player which supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV.
● Supports 2.5mm earplugs
● Video recording via Windows Media Player, player supports MPEG4, H.263, WMV, H.264
● USB 2.0 Full Speed adaptor
● Push Mail support
● Bluetooth 1.2 / A2DP
● Opera browser, Attachment Viewer or Editor, Voice Recognition, File Manager, Voice Notes, VPN capability and Anti-Virus protection 

Source – PhoneDaily

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First Look – Samsung FlipShot

Source – PhoneScoop

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爭取 2012 年雙普選, 豈能啞忍 (Universal Suffrage 2012 Rally)


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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – The New Rival to Octopus Card – the Hang Seng enJoy Card


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “The New Rival to Octopus Card – the Hang Seng enJoy Card”. Click here for the read.

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My Take on Digital Wallet

Lately, I joined the ranks as a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera owner (the Sony A700, more on that later in the week) and I’ve been looking around for a digital wallet for both storage and reviewing the pictures. While researching on that topic, I received a query over this blog site’s Meebo IM and a reader asked me my take on digital wallet as well. As promised, I’m going to post up my take, however, as I am totally new when it comes to DSLR and their accessories, so if there’s something you want to add, please feel free to leave a comment.

Well, in looking for a digital wallet, my criteria are –

  • a big enough screen to review the pictures;
  • a large enough hard disk to store my pictures;
  • memory card support, SD/SDHC Memory card /Multimedia card *3/Compact flash/Micro Drive/Memory Stick(Duo?)
  • both JPEG and RAW compatible
  • USB 2.0
  • PMP functions (now that would be an extra)

And it boils down to the Epson P-5000, which features a 80GB hard disk, a 4 inch ( 640 x R-YG-B-EG x 480 dots) TFT LCD screen, supports SD/SDHC Memory card /Multimedia card *3/Compact flash/Micro Drive (no Memory Stick though), USB 2.0 and it functions as a PMP as well, capable of playing the following formats –

  • MPEG1/2 – 720×480 @ 30fps, 720×576 @ 25fps
  • MPEG4 – 720×480 @ 30fps, 720×576 @ 25fps
  • DivX® – 720×480 @ 30fps, 720×576 @ 25fps
  • H.264/AVC – 320×240 @ 30fps
  • WMV9 – 352×288 @ 30fps
  • Motion JPEG – 720×480 @ 30fps, 720×576 @2 5fps, 320×240 @ 60fps

Sounds too good to be true. Price tag, a bit hefty at HK$4,725 (US$606). For a cheaper model, the Epson P-3000 with the same specs but with a 40GB hard disk will cost you around HK$3,360 (US$430). Well, would I be getting it? yes if I had sold my Sony UX-27 as I said I would earlier, but thank God I didn’t. I am now using it as a digital wallet as well. Who would have guessed that this UMPC could double up as a digital wallet as well.


For more info, check out the following article, Epson P-3000 and P-5000, from Digital Photography Review.

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Email Icon Generator


Ever want your own email icon like the one above? be it gmail, yahoo, MSN, hotmail, live, sina, yahoo, AOL or what not, now you can use the Email Icon Generator to generate your email address icon for personal use.  I’m using it as some of my own digital pictures watermark and it looks pretty good.  Check out their site, link here.

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New Ringtone – FART


Source – m0y18

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First Look Video – psx4all, the Playstation Emulator on iPhone / iPod

Looks awefully cool, but frames per second, hmm… forget it.

Source – 182Switch182

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Still haven’t finish your Christmas shopping? Don’t know what to get him, her, son, daughter, dad, mom and colleague, try the engadget holiday shopping guide and see if it helps. Link here.

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Pic of the Day – 爭取2012雙普選

Taken in Mongkok today with my new toy, the Sony A700 DSLR

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R.I.P. – My iPhone


Partying been too great even before Christmas hits.  Lost my iPhone sometime, somewhere last night, can’t recall.  I’m mourning.  Don’t think I’m posting anytime soon, LOL.  Going back to the HTC Touch, maybe I’ll get some new insights.  Be safe all this Christmas Eve.  Will be back Christmas Day.

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WiBrain Unbox Pics (Hi-Res)

數碼縱橫, a great Chinese gadget site, posted some really nice Hi-res unbox pics of the WiBrain.  Check them out at this link.


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ASUS Eee PC with Touchscreen

Guys at jkkmobile did it again, this time they managed to get the touchscreen on the ASUS Eee PC.  For more information, check out their comments section at the following post, Asus Eee Pc with touch screen.  They will post the how-to video later today or tomorrow, stay tuned.

Source – jkkmobile

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