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What is My Meebo


My Meebo is a very useful Instant Messaging (IM) tool which I planted on the right side of my widget bar. Readers can send me instant messages if the status show that I am online. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on products reviewed here, shopping tips and tech advices. Below is an excerpt of an inquiry I had earlier this evening.

[20:29] meeboguest380669: HI!
[20:29] meeboguest380669: I am from India and on a Holiday in Hong Kong.
[20:29] hongkongphooey: hi
[20:30] hongkongphooey: hope u enjoy your stay
[20:30] meeboguest380669: Thanks
[20:30] meeboguest380669: I wanted to buy a Bluetooth Kepboard for my Curve.
[20:30] meeboguest380669: Also wanted to some carry pouches for cruve
[20:31] hongkongphooey: ok, where r u staying atm?
[20:31] meeboguest380669: I just can t seem to find any place in HK for this.
[20:31] hongkongphooey: which area?
[20:32] meeboguest380669: I am staying at Sham Tseng.
[20:32] meeboguest380669: I visited Golden Computer Centre also. Could not find anything.
[20:33] hongkongphooey: strange, would assume they have it there at Golden
[20:33] meeboguest380669: If you dont mind, Can I have your tel no. Then I can call you.
[20:33] meeboguest380669: No.
[20:33] meeboguest380669: They had Omix BT keyboard.
[20:33] meeboguest380669: Last time I bought the same, but did not work on my 8700g.
[20:33] meeboguest380669:
[20:33] hongkongphooey: another place you can try is the Wanchai Computer Shopping centres, but again, the brands are pretty limited
[20:34] meeboguest380669: What about the leather cases for Curve? Any place I can pick them up.
[20:34] hongkongphooey: sec, phone
[20:35] hongkongphooey: back
[20:35] hongkongphooey: ok, think you can try the Sintat Centre in Mongkok
[20:36] hongkongphooey: they specialize in mobile phone accessories there
[20:36] hongkongphooey: take the subway to Mongkok station, not that hard to find, ask the customer service people at the station how to get to Sintat
[20:36] hongkongphooey: they would then show you the exit
[20:37] hongkongphooey: should be able to find stuff for your curve
[20:37] meeboguest380669: Ok. Thanks,
[20:37] meeboguest380669: I will try.
[20:37] hongkongphooey: but then, Blackberries although quite common in HK
[20:37] hongkongphooey: ppl do tend to order their accessories from US
[20:37] meeboguest380669: ok
[20:38] hongkongphooey: but for holster or leather cases, u should be able to find them
[20:38] hongkongphooey: and if lucky, you might be able to find the BT keypad
[20:38] hongkongphooey: hope this helps
[20:39] meeboguest380669: Sure.
[20:40] meeboguest380669: Thanks for your time.
[20:40] meeboguest380669: Bye for now.
[20:40] meeboguest380669: May be catch you online tomorrow.
[20:40] hongkongphooey: k, good luck shopping
[20:41] Meebo Message: meeboguest380669 has left your page

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