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ASUS Eee PC – Long Term Review from Gizmodo

Mark Wilson of Gizmodo just posted the long term review of the ASUS Eee PC and it matches the views and thoughts of a lot of the Eee PC users around me.  I can feel his takes on the performance issue and the sub-par WiFi reception, however, I cannot agree totally to his conclusion as I think the product is still revolutionary and it is another good alternative to the PC latop and MacBook,

“I’m not sure that the Eee is a “don’t buy.” But more and more every day, I’m wishing that we’d invested the $400 elsewhere (a new smartphone, for instance). Initial reviews accepted the system’s shortcomings partially because everyone loved that golden price/performance/size ratio and partially, even tacitly, because many expected bugs to be ironed out in due course.”


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First Look – TouchFlo 2 aka Manila?


Pics on the next generation TouchFLO leaked on the::unwired.  Seems like HTC Insider have the cab file posted. Install at your own risk, no news on whether it is legit or whether it is workable or not.

Source – the::unwired

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