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Jack Nicholson Endorsement for Hillary Clinton Video (Parody) & Original

While we’re at it, here’s another hilarious video remix on Jack Nicolson’s endorsement for Hillary Clinton. Well, the original one below in case you want to watch it too.

Source – CartwrightDale & TrippManFTW

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We Are The Ones Song by will.i.am

Ohio and Texas Democratic Party primaries tomorrow and here’s the new music video from will.i.am for Obama. I watched the video a couple times, there’s blacks, whites, Hispanics and Latinos, but where are the Asians, hmm…. makes me wonder. Shame, that really kills the song. Wonder who Al Gore would pick.

[I’m all for Hillary though, :)]

Source – illwilly

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First Look – ASUS Windows Mobile 6.1 UI

Check this all new UI from ASUS, got pretty much everything from the familiar iPhone touch interface to the HTC TouchFLO technology, simply awesome.

Source – engadget

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First Look – Google2Go


Google2GO! is a mobile application for Google services, similar to Yahoo!Go. This application is not related to Google in any way.


Windows Mobile (Professional OR Standard) 5/6

Windows Mobile .Net framework 2.0 or greater

Data/Wifi connection

Screen Resolution of 320×240 or 240×240 (required)


Access to all Google mobile services including:

  • Google Web/Image Search
  • Google Local Search
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Reader
  • Google Docs
  • Picasa
  • Google News
  • Google Notes
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Product Search
  • Google Finance
  • Blogger
  • Google Driving Directions

For details and download link, visit The Tech Turf homepage here.

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Hardware Woes – My Fujitsu T2010 Down

[8:35am, 24 January] The battery of my Fujitsu T2010 went dead two days ago, not sure why it’s such short-lived (just would not charge up). Was going to take it to the shop for repair (think still under some sort of warranty since it’s less than 6 months old) this weekend and to buy another one just in case. Well, it didn’t stop there, it refused to boot up this morning, something’s wrong with the startup program and the startup reapir on board just could not fix it. So basically, I’m super bummed.

Don’t IM me on Meebo this morning, don’t email me, leave me alone.

[1 hour later, 10:00am] Well finally got it to boot, seems like the SD card which I plugged in is the main problem. Well you know Vista, it might have treated the memory card as a ready-boost pre-installed card (great feature with limited ram or for UMPC), think I need to check on the settings and turn it off since I already have 2GB Ram on board.

[Updated: 4 March] Well, finally got my replacement battery (free from 12 months guarantee) for the Fujitsu T2020. Thought about getting a second one for stanby and it costs HK$1,800, hefty, scrapped the idea. Took them 4 weeks for shipment but nonetheless I all happy now. Without the TabletPC, I’m down to my SONY UX27 for works on the road.

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