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In-depth Review on the HTC Shift



Pic from Boy Genius Report

The Boy Genius Report published a very in-depth review on the HTC Shift which we in Hong Kong are still awaiting.  One of the notable things that was pointed out in the review was with the HTC Communication software.  According to the review,

“We have had a ton of issues with HTC’s Communication Manager. This has crashed a bunch of times, and while it’s not the biggest deal if you can’t access that bit of software, it is. That controls all wireless connectivity options, so you can forget about using Wi-Fi or 3G when that bugger crashes and doesn’t perform. You can also forget about SnapVue as that has to be on in order for the Windows Mobile side of things to start up. Thankfully it’s a software issue, and we’re more than positive this will resolved quickly. Right, HTCizzle? Besides Comm Manager, all is well in HTC Shift world. Though that’s a funny statement considering the device is a glorified PDA with that bit of software not working. Oh yeah! XP drivers, please! Come on guys, give us the option to install XP and get our world-traveler on.”

Hope HTC comes out with a software patch soon and most importantly, RELEASE this in Hong Kong please.

Source – via MobilitySite


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