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A Very LONG review on the MacBook Air


Pic from engadget

What they called an unconventional review, the guys over at X-bits Lab ran a very thorough review on the new Apple MacBook Air and their verdict,

“This notebook is beautiful, innovative, mobile and quite functional and hence is very appealing to users. We can definitely recommend it to many advanced users, but not to all of them. The thing is that MacBook Air is only good until you start looking at it as at a fully-functional universal computer system. This is where the new Apple solution cannot compete against other products with more ports, optical drives, wired network support, better balanced hardware configuration, etc.

In other words, Apple MacBook Air is not a notebook in the common meaning of this word, but a gadget with notebook functionality…In reality, MacBook Air is not a mainstream solution at all. It is an expensive specific toy for techno-maniacs with futuristic views.”

For full article, go the the link here.

Source – engadget


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  1. From what I’ve read about the Mac Book Air it is just a notebook for casual users. Another thing is if you are planning on buying a Mac Book Air, do not get the Solid State Drive upgrade, that nearly doubles the cost of the unit, and the performance gains are minimal at best.

    Comment by kenpachi | March 23, 2008 | Reply

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