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2 More Killer Applications for Your Windows Mobile PocketPC Phone

Following my previous post on killer applications for Windows Mobile PocketPC Phones, I came across two more awesome and in my view must have applications for the Windows Mobile PocketPC Phones and they are –

Face Contact

facecontact1.jpg facecontact2.jpg

If you like the iPod coverflow, you’re gonna love this application to death. It’s the Face Contact from CNetX (US$14.95). It’s a today plugin application where you contacts can be swiped left and right exactly like the coverflow. Once you hit the contact you want, you have a choice to call, send email, SMS or browse their homepage. Really nifty application and I’m loving it the minute I installed it. Bummer, I spent US$19.95 on FunContacts (thought that one was cool, this one even better).



I like Pocket CM Keyboard a lot not because it’s free, but the touch is really sensitive and seldom do I miss on any of my key inputs. But the downside is that since it’s still in beta, one have to go back and re-install it every now and then since the beta copy have a time-out function on it, real pain.

This week, I found ZoomBoard (US$9.95), another nifty keyboard input application from VITO technology. The input is accurate and quick, that is without the zoom function on. I personally turn off the zoom function but others might find it useful to double-check what key they hit.

You can get ZoomBoard from the link here.


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  1. Thanks. :-). Face Contact seems nice. Will try it out on my Touch.

    Comment by Vik | March 28, 2008 | Reply

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