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The Must-Have Accessory for iPhone 3G – iPhone Power Station

If you read my post, CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Must-have iPhone 3G Accessories yesterday, you’ll noticed that I included the battery charger as a must have iPhone 3G accessory. For those who own an iPhone 3G, you all must agree that the battery remains the biggest issue and there’s no way in terms of normal usage (bit twittering and Facebook surfing here and there, forget about Bluetooth and push-email) for the iPhone to last a 12-hour work day and that’s why I regarded the battery charger as the number one must-have accessory

Well, while shopping for a MacBook Pro keyboard skin today (got one for US$5.5, HK$43, good deal), I saw the iPhone power station (1000 mAh battery charger, works great with iPod Touch too) from Brando Mobile which I mentioned in my CNET post.  It was listed for US$24 [HK$188] but I managed to bargain it down to US$22.  Below are some pics of it.  I particularly likes the look 9comes in black or white to match the color of your iPhone 3G) on this one better than my PowerMonkey Mobile Charger (see previous review here) which works equally great.  Another great thing about it is the weight of this power station, it weighs only 48g and fits great in ANY pcoket.  The power station takes 2 hour to fully charged and you can find it at shops on the 2nd floor of Sim City, 47-51 Shantung Street, Mongkok.  Pretty sure you can find them in Wanchai and other computer shopping arcades around Hong Kong.  For rest of you folks in places other than Hong Kong, check them out on Brando Mobile (see my CNET post for the link).

The sleek looking iPhone Power Station

The sleek looking iPhone Power Station

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Video of the Day – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Source – TheTrailerSiteDOTcom

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Phooey Pics – Adobe Released Lightroom 2

New post over at Phooey Pics on the new release of Lightroom 2 from Adobe, hop over for the read, link here.

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Jabra BT4010 Launched

Jabra BT4010

Jabra BT4010 (pic from phonearena.com)

GN yesterday announced the launch of the Jabra BT4010 which features a ‘smart display’. The Jabra BT4010 is the only headset that empowers you to check battery level , connection status and call status with just one glance.  It’s ideal for people on the go, who don’t want towaste time scrolling through endless menus, but who want a cost effective headset that allows them to enjoy uncomplicated, handsfree communication.

The Jabra BT4010 ‘smart display’, which is a highly visible LCD screen, is modeled on that of a mobile phone and ushers in a new level of usability for Bluetooth headsets. You no longer have to guess or interpret flashing lights to understand your battery level, connection and call status. All this information is available by simply checking out the display.  This intuitive approach to Bluetooth, makes life less complicated and ensures that you will never lose another call again.

The Jabra BT4010 is small in size but big on design and user friendliness. It boasts up to six hours of talk time and weighs less than 10g.  With auto-pairing and crystal clear sound thanks to e-SCO technology, the BT4010 can be up and running within a matter of seconds, enabling you to chat to friends and colleagues and stay in contact all day, every day.

The Jabra BT4010 can be worn with or without an earhook and comes with a selection of two hooks for added comfort.  The BT4010 is now available and priced at HK$338.

Key Specifications of the Jabra BT4010 –

  • Innovative, iconic Smart Display;
  • e-SCO improves voice transfer from headset to phone;
  • Auto-pairing;
  • Up to 6 hours talk time;
  • 150 hours standby time;
  • 2 earhook sizes provided for added comfort;
  • Size: L 49 mm x W 17 mm x D 28 mm;
  • 10 grams;
  • Qualified for Bluetooth Specification version 2.0 + EDR (enhanced data rate); and
  • Micro USB Charger Connection

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Must-have iPhone 3G Accessories


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Must-have iPhone 3G Accessories”. Click here for the read.

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Lifestyle HK – Great Bluetooth Bracelet Buzz

My new entry over at Lifestyle Hong Kong is up. This week’s entry, “Great Bluetooth Bracelet Buzz”. Click here for the read.

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PCCW BlackBerry Bold 9000 Hong Kong Release Date

This just in from one of our readers.

“According to the PCCW store in Causeway Bay, blackberry bold will be sold for $4998 (when not getting a contract). Accepting deposits now. Release date is Aug 24th. They have a demo version at the store.” – Joak

Thanks Joak for the update.

What’s more? The first 200 BlackBerry® Bold 9000 smartphone subscribers will receive a Jabra headset or 8GB microSD card.  Below I attached the tariff plan from PCCW for reference.

PCCW BlackBerry Bold 9000 Tariff Plan

PCCW BlackBerry Bold 9000 Tariff Plan

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New Instant Messenger for iPhone/iPod

Palringo Instant Messenger

Palringo Instant Messenger

Ever since the App Store launched, ppl been wanting an instant messenger (IM) app that allows them to link up with all the major IMs out in the market.  Well, look no further as Palringo Limited launched the Palringo Instant Messenger for iPhone/iPod.  It integrates with AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger.  What’s more is that one can use Palringo to contact their friends on iChat.  Awesome for a free app.

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New Search Engine – Cuil

A brand new search engine with magazine tabbed style was launched earlier this week.  According to Anna Patterson, the developer of Cuil, Cuil search 121,617,892,992 web pages and that’s three times as many as Google indexes.  Wow.  If you search “Hong Kong”, you’ll find “Hong Kong Phooey” on the first page of tabs, in fact the fourth tab, hehe, but anything related to this site only shows up on the third page.  Nonetheless, still pretty cool.

Check out Cuil at http://www.cuil.com/.

Oops, forgot to credit my buddy Spike for slipping this one to me.  Owe you one bro.

Source – Gizmodo, Honkie Town Reducked

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Phooey Pics – Nikon D700 Unbox & Review Video

New post over at Phooey Pics on the Nikon D700 Unbox & Review Video, hop over for the read, link here.

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Video Review – Nokia E71

Nice review out from the guys over at GazillaBlog on the Nokia E71, enjoy.  BTW, it is available now (import version) in Hong Kong for as low as HK$3,680.

Source – GazillaBlog

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Whole-day Battery & Internet Storage Coming to ASUS Eee PC

Following our last post on “ASUS Launching New Eee PC 900 with 30GB Hard Drive?” rumours said ASUS is to churn out the whole-day battery for their Eee PC line and at the same time offering internet storage to their users.  No details yet but we’ll sure keep an eye on it.

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HTC Upgrade Touch Diamond English ROM and CE-Star

[25 July 2008] HTC just released the CE-Star upgrade kit and English ROM code for their Touch Diamond English version on Wednesday.

For more information, head over to HTC e-Club over at HTC’s website (http://www.htc.com/hk-en/). You would need to first register with HTC e-Club before you can access the download page.  The size of the English ROM code is 130+ MB and at times the download speed is pretty slow, so watch out.

[Updated: 26 July 2008] Finally found time to do the upgrade and it was swift.  Took me 15 minutes to get the ROM updated.

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New iPhone 3G TV Ads Out

Click the pic to watch the three new TV Ads from Apple

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