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Video Review – Palm Treo 800w

For those who are fed up with iPhone 3G (guarantee I have more to come); or the ones who are diehard “Palms” fans, this one for you.  A 22 minute review on the Palm Treo 800w, easily the next best choice besides the iPhone 3G, LOL.

Source – MobilitySite


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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – iPhone 3G in Hong Kong not Locked to Carrier, WOOT


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “iPhone 3G in Hong Kong not locked to carrier, WOOT”. Click here for the read.

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Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC Now with Multi-Touch

As reported back in January, Review – Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC, Dell is finally bringing the multi-touch capabilities for its Latitude XT tablet via a free software upgrade tomorrow.  The upgrade allows users to do two finger scrolling, zooming and add programmable double tap functions on thier screen just like it on the Mac.  The demo video from Dell follows –

Source – DellVLog

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iPhone 3G Battery 101: The Basics and the Facts

James Kendrick over at jkOnTheRun ran a great article on the iPhone 3G battery and he formed the view which I totally agreed and that is, “the battery I (James) am getting on the iPhone 3G is as good as any other 3G- capable phone I have used…What I think is happening to make others feel otherwise is based on two different factors…..” head over to his article here to find out.

Source – jkOnTheRun

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