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Time-off to Attend to Personal Matters

[Update: 1 September 2008] Okay, I’m back after a few days, will resume blogging this morning.  Thanks to those who emailed in and asked what I was up to, will announce later.

[28 August] Please note that I will be taking a few days off to attend to some personal matters.  Sorry for those who got me on their RSS reader.  Will get back as soon as I can.

In the meantime, the iPhone Power Station give-away will end 3 days so if you haven’t send in the reply, do so before it’s too late.

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Video Tour to Phooey’s Tech Room & iPhone Power Station Giveaway (3 More Days)

I taped the above video to celebrate my one year anniversary with CNET Community Blog. In this video, you’ll get to see my tech room, the place where I spend most of my time blogging.

In order to celebrate this occasion, I will give out an iPhone Power Station to whoever come closest in guessing how much all my gadgets/gears cost (in US$). So email your answer to me to gadget@hkphooey.hk.  The competition ends 31 August 2008.  Have fun guessing.

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Great Application – Fantasktik for Mac

can easily switch to other opened windows by clicking them on the taskbar

Ever since I joined the Mac family, I always missed the application bar at the bottom of the PC screen where I can switch easily between opened windows (applications) whereas on the Mac, I have to either use spaces or have to minimize the active windows one by one.  This week, I came across this awesome application that would do just that a simple job and yeah, I’m buying it (US$9.99), the Fantasktik Taskbar easily. Just hover over a window and Fantasktik will display a smooth animation to show the window contents as a preview (a pretty big one), making window identification easy and fast. Check it out yourself.

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Ding 600,000 Hits

Yet another milestone achieved.  Again, thank you all out there for the support.

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PwnageTool 2.0.3 Out, But Wait

The new version is out but according to the latest blog post from the iPhone-dev.org,

Source – blog.iPhone-dev.org

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Adium Updated, Now with Facebook

Adium, the awesome instant messenger for Mac OS X just updated to version 1.3 and Facebook chat is now included, woot.

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More BlackBerry Bold Videos

Following our last post from on the possible BlackBerry Thunder, Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry came up with some more new videos on the BlackBerry Bold.  The first one on the unboxing and the second one on its preloaded media samples.  Enjoy viewing.

Source – CrackBerry

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – The iPhone Clone – Meizu M8 Finally Coming


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “The iPhone Clone – Meizu M8 Finally Coming”. Click here for the read.

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Phooey Pics – Canon EOS 50D Coming?

New post over at Phooey Pics on the possible Canon EOS 50D. Hop over for the read, link here.

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Lenovo W700 Now Available for Order

10 days ago, I blogged about the upcoming dream notebook for photographers, the Lenovo ThinkPad W700, on my sideblog (full specs and press release posted there), the Phooey Pics. Today, we got news that the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 is now available for order and the delivery date is roughly a month from now.  As for the price tag, well, expect to ditch out at least US$2,978 for the basic configuration which features 17-inch WXGA+ display, T9400 CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA’s 512MB Quadro FX-2700 and a 160GB hard drive.

What makes the ThinkPad W700 so special and so expensive (even more than the 17″ MacBook Pro) is not only the specs but the integrated digitizer which photographers would love while working on their photo editing programs.

pic from 32packets (click to go to link)

Can’t wait for its local release here in Hong Kong, will update when I hear more.

Source – 32packets via Engadget

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Phooey Pics – Book Recommendation – Photographing People

New post over at Phooey Pics on a great photography lighting technique book, Photographing People. Hop over for the read, link here.

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Lifestyle HK – The New Ouch Phone – The Treo Pro

My new entry over at Lifestyle Hong Kong is up. This week’s entry, “The New Ouch Phone – The Treo Pro”. Click here for the read and video previews.

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Sony Ericsson Experia X1 in Black

According to Engadget, seems like the first Sony Ericsson Experia X1 to be launched will be in black. Still no news on release date.

Source – Engadget

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Apple Released iPhone Software 2.0.2

[Update: 21 August 2008] Finally found the time to perform the update and thank God, this time around it was much more smoother and faster and no hiccups whatsoever, unlike the last update (see previous post – CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – More Woes in Updating iPhone 3G to V.2.0.1. The whole process took less than half an hour.  Woot, all happy now.

[19 August 2008] Apple just released another iPhone software update to version 2.0.2 and no it doesn’t fix the 3G reception problem, at least not yet.  Reports on forum indicated that some users actually have WORSE 3G reception after the update.  So what does it fix? well, according to iPhone Atlas, “typing and scrolling, which were plagued by extreme lag and slowness prior this update, are now operating at acceptable speeds for many users, but not all”.  The update weighs in at around 249MB.  With the last update, I would advise users the following –

  • DO NOT perform the update while you’re in the office (God knows how long it would take or how many times you need to do it over again if it turned into a brick), best to do it when you get home tonight;
  • remember to set your call forward on to your house phone or other land lines or alternatively if you have another 3G phone with another 3G card, swap them (the swap only works with unlock iPhones here in Hong Kong).  By doing so, you won’t miss any of your calls;
  • turn airplane mode off;

If the update fails, try the following work-arounds from iPhone Atlas on the last firmware updates –

  • The first thing to try is simply multiple attempts. The iPhone may fail to update on the first attempt, but succeed in restoring on the second or third attempt. Failing that, your copy of the update may be corrupt. Try deleting it and re-downloading it.  Delete the update that resides in the following directories:
  • under Mac OS X: ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  • under Windows XP: C:/documents and settings/[yourusername]/Application Data/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  • under Windows Vista: C:/users/[yourusername]/AppData/Roaming/Apple Computer/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  • The fix in other cases is to reinstall iTunes. Simply download the package, run the installer and restart.

Failing that, under Mac OS X, try deleting the following files:

  • /System/Library/Extensions/AppleMobileDevice.kext
  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DeviceLink.framework
  • /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MobileDevice.framework
  • /Library/Receipts/AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg

then reinstall iTunes.

Another potential fix is to put the iPhone in recovery mode then restore it.

Good luck updating all, you’ll probably need it.

Source – iPhone Atlas

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