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My iPhone 3G Review – Part 1 – The Lag

Well, been three weeks with the iPhone 3G and I think it’s about time for me to post up my own iPhone 3G reviews.  First up, the lag.

For the first two weeks, I’ve been experiencing much lag when launching applications, switching between applications and even launching the contact list at times (couple seconds lag before I could start scrolling down the contact list, and the lag is just not acceptable). Before I go into details on how I tried to tackle the lag issue, let’s take a look at my iPhone 3G settings first.

For the first week, I basically had WiFi on all the time, Bluetooth off, push on new data fetching and had location services on.  As for headphones, I used my Bluetooth dongle (icombi AP21) most of the time together with my Plantronics Voyager 855 or Philips SHB7100 Bluetooth headsets.

On to the second week, I decided not to use the icombi AP21 and my Bluetooth headsets to see if there’s any connection with the battery drain off the Bluetooth dongle.  No luck there.  Next I tried turning push data and location service off, no luck there either.  Checked on couple iPhone user forums and compare my lag with other iPhone 3G users, found out that only some of the new iPhones had the same lag issue.  Of the 10+ iPhone 3G I tested out with my friends who owned them, I would say only a third had the lag issue, wierd.

The night before last I decided to restore it to the factory settings to see if the problem would go away.  I started the process and iTunes first asked whether I wanted to backup all my data, of course I chose yes.  The whole backup process went pretty swiftly for around 5 minutes or so for my 6GB+ data.  Then iTunes downloaded the factory settings and restore it on to my iPhone 3G, that took around 20 minutes or so.  The last process was restoring all data from my backup and that took over 2.5 hours, ouch.

So, 3 hours after I started the restore process, the iPhone 3G finally reboot with pretty much everything back intact.  The applications, songs, videos and photos were there.  Only a couple apps needed me to reset my account info but it wasn’t so bad.

As for the lag, well, it was a lot more better.  Apps popped up a lot faster and seemed like the restore took care of the problem.  For the past two days, I didn’t feel that much lag as before and am glad that I gave it a try.  So, for those out there who have been experiencing the same problem, give it a try by restoring it to factory settings and see whether it works for you or not.

For now, back to twittering on my iPhone.

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  1. Hi… Since Hong Kong is the only place that Three sell the iPhone I have a few questions.

    Does the iPhone support Three services such as Live TV and Planet 3?

    Thank you


    Comment by Tom Andersen | August 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. Yes it does.

    Comment by hongkongphooey | August 11, 2008 | Reply

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