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Great Application – Fantasktik for Mac

can easily switch to other opened windows by clicking them on the taskbar

Ever since I joined the Mac family, I always missed the application bar at the bottom of the PC screen where I can switch easily between opened windows (applications) whereas on the Mac, I have to either use spaces or have to minimize the active windows one by one.  This week, I came across this awesome application that would do just that a simple job and yeah, I’m buying it (US$9.99), the Fantasktik Taskbar easily. Just hover over a window and Fantasktik will display a smooth animation to show the window contents as a preview (a pretty big one), making window identification easy and fast. Check it out yourself.

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Ding 600,000 Hits

Yet another milestone achieved.  Again, thank you all out there for the support.

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PwnageTool 2.0.3 Out, But Wait

The new version is out but according to the latest blog post from the iPhone-dev.org,

Source – blog.iPhone-dev.org

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