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Confession of the Day – I Got a Job

For those of you who have been following my site pretty close the past year or so, you probably noticed that I’ve been a bit slack on posting the past week.  Hmm…I know, some of you even sent me emails asking me what I’ve been up to.  Well, the reason is because I just landed a real job after 7 months hiatus.  At first I thought I’m gonna retire for good but at the age of 41….wishful thinking.  So, I’ve decided to re-enter into society and am now 1 week into my new job.  Nothing to do with IT, but just with my old profession, procurement that is.  So far, I’ve having much fun and enjoying working at the new place with my new colleagues.  As for the blog, I will pick up the slack once honeymoon is over around here at the workplace (you all know how that works).

By the way, now that I’m on it, will announce the winners to the iPhone Power Station within this week (takes a while to sort it out as we have over 200 contestants and I do need more time to sort everything out).

Else where, Barcamp Hong Kong just finished over the weekend and if you missed it like I did (because of the new job), be sure you sign up to the coming one.  For the meantime, come by to the Web Wednesday gatherings.  Too lazy to link here (go search it using my search engine below, had 13 pints of beer tonight, feel like slacking off a bit).

One last note, now that the Legislative Council election is over, it’s a pity that one of the finest IT guys, Charles Mok, couldn’t make it through just by a small margin.  Charles, we’re with you all the way and come back 2012. We’ll show you where the Rose Garden is by then.

Okay, gonna hit the sack, one too many (14 was my last count, in pints that is).  Love you all.  Tomorrow, I will be at the Bethanie Campus if any of you are around Pok Fu Lam.

P.S. Steve, text me when you’re back in town, need a drinking mate in Wanch.

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  1. I’m back Thursday afternoon. Reluctantly, for a change.

    Comment by Spike | September 9, 2008 | Reply

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