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Updates on iPhone 3G Prices in HK

Received an email last week from one of the readers here and he asked about the latest on the iPhone 3G and also on how TurboSim works.

“Gidday Phooey…

Stumbled upon your blog. Makes great reading. Im going to be in HK on conference in November. I am looking to purchase an iphone. I know you have probably answered these questions 1000x but if you could help me that would be great. From reading your blog I take it my first stop should be Sin Tat Plaza, Mongkok……What prices are available at the moment?

I’d like an unlocked phone to use on the Vodafone network back in New Zealand. Ive read that the phones should already be unlocked, is this true?…..Anything I should watch out for…eg copies etc
Could you explain to me TurboSim…I’d prefer a non TurboSim phone…rather a software unlocked one.”

Coincidentally, I came across a short article on the same topic in this week’s PCMagazine and I’ll share my reply here with you all.

“For iPhone 3G, the prices for the imported ones (unlocked) been going down real fast lately.  True, Sin Tat Plaza (or Sincere Podium) is the place to go for them and other phone accessories.  The going price now is as low as HK$5,980 (US$767) for 16GB and HK$4,980 (US$638) for the 8GB.

The TurboSim (or called Gevey 3G now) is basically an IC chip, the size of a Sim Card and can fit perfectly into an iPhone together with any 2G/3G Sim Card.  By doing so, it will activate the iPhone and the good thing is, it works for any 2G or 3G sim card.  The TurboSim cost around HK$250.  Also please note that the current version for TurboSim is only 2.01.

As for the unlocked iPhones.  3 Hong Kong is the local carrier and they only sell them with a contract. There are some unlocked iPhones 3G in the territory currently from Vodaphone New Zealand but their prices is about HK$9,000 (US$1,154). You might be lucky to find some in Sin Tat but a lot more expensive and there’s no market price as it really depends on availability.”

Source – PCMagazine

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My Wacom Intuos 3 6×11 Tablet is in DA House

Loving it, working great with Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 2 as well.  The pen-strokes are just awesome.  Goodbye to my Wacom Bamboo.

Source – Inago1278

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