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The Perfect To-Do App on iPhone

[Updated: 7 October 2008] Been using ToDo and Toodledo for over two weeks and indeed those two works great together.  The best is that I found the ToodledoSync Extension for Microsoft Outlook from Chromatic Dragon.  Now not just having my to-do list on my iPhone but on Microsoft Outlook as well, woot.

[21 September 2008] Ever since I started using my iPhone 3G, I’ve been looking for a to-do applications that allows me to sync my my to-dos/tasks to my PC.  Since I uses Outlook most of the time, I wanted one that can sync up with my Outlook.

KeyTasks from Chapura was the first such application that I came across. The interface is neat, straight sync to Outlook and nothing fancy.  The downside to it is that KeyTasks is subscription-based and it costs US9.99 a year to use the service.

The next application that come close to my requirements is ToDo from Appigo.  It doesn’t sync with Outlook, but it syncs with two online task management services, Toodledo (which is free) and Remember the Milk (free but ToDO only works with their pro accounts, which means $$$).

I signed up with Toodledo, downloaded the Firefox plug-in for Toodledo and the Mac Widget plug-in, tried it out for a week and I’m loving it.  Not only can I track my to-dos/tasks on my iPhone, but on Firefox (both PC and Mac) and my Mac (pops up as my dashboard widget).  What I also like is say when you add a to-do/task such as a phone call to be made or to email someone, you can access the iPhone contacts and dial that person or email straight within the ToDo application.

Cost is US$9.99.  Check out the overview video below from Appigo.


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  1. Now that the iPhone is officially available for non-3HK users, I’ve gotten one for myself. Was poking through your blog for iPhone apps… unfortunately, I don’t read Chinese so the minibus one is useless for me =(

    I used to use Microsoft Outlook… but the company I’m at right now uses Lotus Notes, so I shifted to Google Calendar. This, along with iGoogle, has been great for me. Have you tried it? I see there’s an app for it as well.

    Comment by Robert Chen | September 29, 2008 | Reply

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