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Video of the Day – 5 More Friends (uncensored version)

For those who can vote next week, please do so.

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Upgrade to MacBook Pro? Nah

Back in July I crossed over from PC to Mac and bought my first MacBook Pro.  Last week, Apple announced the new line of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  I took a long look at them, the MacBook upgrade, though without the firewire now, it’s is still worth the upgrade especially with the new glass trackpad (with multi-touch gestures); aluminum case; LED-backlit display, integrated 256MB Nvidia video; and a smaller and lighter (half pound) body.

As for the MacBook Pros, I don’t see much added value from the new lines apart from the improved graphic display.  Gone are the matte screen (only the glossy ones are available); the portability (the new MacBook Pros are heavier), and most important of all, 20% shorter in terms of battery life.

I’m gald I didn’t hold off in buying mine back in July.  Wondering when the next upgrade will be.

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