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HD Video – Tokyo Reality (Made with the Canon 5D Mark II)

[Update] Try this link for the video, the YouTube link seemed to be removed.

A while back I blogged about the great demo video made by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet using the Canon’s 5D Mark II on my photo blog, Phooey Pics.  This week, we saw yet another great vid using the new Canon DSLR, this time by the guys over at Akihabaranews.  The following is the excerpt on the equipment used in making the great vid.

“During some free time from work David (our photographer) and Florent (our video editor for NihonCar.com and ManualGear.com), put together a STUNNING Canon 5D Mark II video demo. We noticed it was made without technical support, only two little hands to carry the camera, and a MacBook Pro for video editing.

Our setting were pretty simple, we used a Canon 5D Mark II, with the following Canon lenses:

14mm f2.8L II
17-40mm f4L
50mm f1.4
90mm TS-E f2.8
135mm f2.0L

…along with your average MacBookPro 15″ (old gen). No color FX on the video.”

Source – Akihabaranews, David M27


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