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Attending World Professional Blogger Journalist Association Inaugural Meeting in Seoul – 17 November 2008


For those who wonder where I am, I am attending the World Professional Blogger Journalist Association (WPBA) Inaugural Convention in Seoul this weekend together with fellow blogers, Nicholas Aaron Khoo and Hillary Chan from CNET Asia; and Napolean Biggs from Web Wednesday Hong Kong. On this same weekend, a bunch of 20+ local bloggers will be in Guangzhou for the Chinese Blogger Conference.  Too bad I don’t blog in the Chinese language, will miss seeing all the fellow bloggers there.

Back to WPBA, check out the Press Release as follow –

The inaugural convention of the association for the fast-growing, one-man media blogger-journalists, ‘World Professional Blogger-Journalist Association (WPBA, http://wpba.aving.net)’, will be held at the Youido Hanwha 63city Convention Centre in Seoul, Korea, on November 17, 2008.

Representing the WEB 2.0 era, bloggers have reached a total of 80 million in numbers worldwide, and their roles and influence in the society continue to expand, calling for an establishment of an association that will protect and promote the rights and interests of professional bloggers.

The objectives of WPBA are to establish blogger-journalists as a professional media, promote and protect their rights and interests, present new income-generating models, and to lay the groundwork for building a network of worldwide blogger-journalists. The convention’s slogan is “Open, Share, & Contribute,” symbolizing WPBA’s goal to satisfy worldwide consumers’ rights to be aware, to know, and to share information on business, product, and market, and to protect the environment by keeping a close watch over behaviors that destroy the environment and its natural order. Furthermore, WPBA intends to contribute to the development of a global culture and society through sharing of issues and cultural contents from around the world.

Fifty world-famous blogger-journalists from 30 nations representing the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and emerging nations, will attend the convention to discuss the establishment of the association and various issues. Majority of the international blogger-journalists who are attending are former journalists or present columnists, all leading opinion leaders representing their nation.

There will be a declaration of the establishment WPBA and explanation of the association’s objectives on the morning of the 17th, followed by a congratulatory speech from Paul Chaney, the president of International Blogging and New Media Association (IBNMA) and a congratulatory performance, finishing with a forum discussing WPBA agendas. Scheduled for the afternoon are the presentations from world’s foremost bloggers as well as AVING’s annual VIP ASIA 2008 AWARD.

For bloggers’ presentations, Jochen Alexander Siegle, a Journalist and Co-founder of MomentiMedia, will present on Blogging and Journalism Seen From an International Perspective, and Wei Lin Liu, author of ‘Sweet Spot’ and the most influential critic on internet-related fields in Taiwan, will explain How Blogging Revives Stagnant Economy and the Three Global Blogging Trend of 2009. The Director of China’s largest IT portal site, ZOL.COM, and the Vice President of CNET China, will introduce the Blogging Trend and Various Cases in China, and Dhiram Shah of Newlaunches and Matt Von Horn of DIGG.COM will give a lecture on Blogging in India, an Emerging Market, and the Relationship Between Blogging And User-Vote Based News-Site DIGG.COM, respectively.

The international participants are: blogger-journalists from America’s best site for public opinions, Digg (DIGG.COM); global blog site, Gizmodo (GIZMODO.DE); Japan’s representative blog site; India’s Newlaunches (NEWLAUNCHES.COM); Russia’s PC news (PCNEWS.RU); Italy’s Geekissimo (GEEKISSIMO.COM); Switzerland’s Blogeek (BLOGEEK.CH); 3 active bloggers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore on CNET Asia; Director of China’s foremost portal site ZOL.COM, plus blogger-journalists from Rumania, Sweden, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

From Korea, approximately 100 bloggers active on portal sites such as Naver, Daum, Egloos, Allblog, Tistory, Blogkorea and Openblog will attend the convention. Taking part in this global publicity event will be product displays from Dideonet, Ubiq, Digifi, Sidiz, Pen and Free, NA4, Semantics, Skono, TILON, Odicorp, and C-motech.

Publisher Ki-Dae Kim of Global News Network AVING, founder and sponsor of the WPBA, commented that “This is the first time in the history of internet that influential bloggers from all around the world will gather here in Seoul,” and “WPBA will materialize the blogger-journalist’s identity and role, and explore new income-generating models for future bloggers, building a hub of global bloggers in Korea.”

WPBA’s sponsor, Global News Network AVING is a leading news agency on product and business news with current ties to 285 new media and main bloggers from 47 nations, and it is constructing 1000 news networks. The headquarters are in Las Vegas, USA. The coming WPBA convention is supported by Seoul City, Seoul Tourism Organization Co., Ltd., and professional congress organizer Seong & Min M.I.C.E. Consulting (www.seongandmin.com).


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