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Insurance on the iPhone 3G

Back to Hong Kong after the WPBA inauguration convention.  Weather was getting really cold (-4C) and started snowing when I got to the Incheon Airport.  Lots of Korean rushed through the door at the airport to take pictures with their hand phones on what seems to be the first snow (maybe) and some were making wishes too, real interesting scene.  Took tons of pics but need couple days to sort through them before I can post them up so bear with me for now.

Well, back at work today and the sales from 3 Hong Kong came over to deliver the iPhone 3G to my big boss.  We chatted a bit and he asked me whether I know that there’s an insurance program with coverage of HK$3,000 on the iPhone 3G.  Told him I never heard of it and asked him about it.

The deal is, if one enroll in the insurance plan, one would need to commit three more months on top of the 24-month contract.  By doing so, one will get a one-year coverage of HK$3,000 if one loses the iPhone 3G (a lost report have to be filed with the local police).  After the first year, the charge would be HK$39 a month in order to extend the coverage.

Hmm…interesting as I know a lot of people who have lost their iPhones and they probably have not heard of such plan… some great sales and marketing there.


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