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My Gears – Huey Pro – WOOT for Color Management


Finally got around to get some color management going.

Originally planned to go out and shop for a Spyder, went down to Sim City in Mongkok for a spin and saw the Spyder line on special at DC Fever, the Spyder 2 Express was going for HK$680 and the Spyder 3 Pro was going for HK$1,480. The plan was to go for the Spyder 3 Pro as I have two monitors hooked up for for my Lightroom settings plus the MacBook Pro for maneuvering around town and being able to calibrate multiple monitors is a must factor. In addition, being able to monitor constant ambient light is also a big plus, but as I was checking out other stores, I saw the Huey Pro (which performs the same functions as the Spyder 3 Pro) which have been out of stock for a while. Asked the guy at the shop and he offered HK$780.00, not bad at all and I grabbed it right away.

Got home, took me less than 30 minutes to calibrate the two monitors and the MacBook Pro, woot. As for the results, sure looks good.Woot for color management.

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