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Late Night Out in Wanchai

Met the legendary Expat@Large last night with Spike at Wanchai and had some real fine wine and tapas at Uno Mas, the old Klong down at Lockhart.  Great place serving excellent Spanish food and drinks.  According to Spike, this becomes his new home and he loves it especially when there are seats available out on the balcony.

Had some fine Spanish beer out of a 750ml bottle (forgot the name, will go back and check it out).  The waitress served it out of a champagne ice bucket and we drank it out of these real nifty small cups (reminds me of the Chinese bowls I drank beer out of  down at the food stalls in North Point Market).  Expat@Large actually took a pic of the cups, :).

Loving the place and definitely will be back for more.


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  1. “ineptitude” or something was the name of the beer. lol!


    Comment by E@L | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] both E@L and Phooey have blogged about our meet last night, I suppose I ought to mention it as […]

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