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Weel Long Shoot in Taiwan

Well, in Taiwan for a week-long shoot, be back 1 May, expect YET even less frequent updates. See you all when I’m back.

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New iPhone 3G Tariffs Plan


3HK just offered the new iPhone 3G tariffs plan.  Could it be because we’re getting closer and closer to the new generation iPhone which is due out soon? Check out the new tariffs plan here.


Source – 3HK

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Break for the Day – Lego Yamato Battleship

What does 6 years and 4 months means to you? For junlego, that’s how long for him to put together this 1/40 scale 6.6 metres (22 feet) long; 1 metre (3 feet) wide Battleship Yamato.  Unbelievable, a total of 200,000 Lego elements altogether, weighing over 140 kg.  Bravo.

Source – junlego

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Hands-on Video – Nikon D5000

Available 1 May 2009, more after the jump.

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BlackBerry Storm Launch Party – Tonight @ Lux


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iPhanatics 2.0 @ California – 21 April 2009


iPhanatics’ second gathering is on Tuesday, April 21, 2009, at California @ Ground floor,California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street in Lan Kwai Fong, Central.

Come and join them for another hour of iPhone fun: This month’s focus will be on games, how to use your iPhone overseas and there’ll have a bunch of local iPhone developers come out and do live demonstrations of their Apps for the Hong Kong and International marketplace.

Co-organized by Beansbox and Popcorn Media Network. With Popcorn’s blogs Butterboom.com and Neonpunch.com as media sponsors.

For more info and sign ups, go to www.iphanatics.com.

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Uber non-tech video – Modern Samurai


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Uber non-tech video – Modern Samurai“. Click here for the full read.

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bc unplugged 11 @ The Wanch – 15 April 2009


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Leave of Absence

For those who wondered, I am not posting any new entries as I am in training over at Peking University in Beijing, China.

So far, this China experience been real pleasant and I am so surprised with how technologically advanced these kids are over here.  If I find time, I will be blogging more on that, if not, I’ll be back Tuesday.

Happy Easter all.

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First Look Video – HTC Snap

Looks like HTC is not just interested in touch phones but thinking on taking up BlackBerry as well, check out their new Snap.

Source – Phonescoop

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Palm OS Emulator for Pre Video

Palm Pre Emulator: Palm OS Running Epocrates and Pandora

Palm Pre New Apps: Pandora, Fandango, Sprint TV, Nascar

The Palm OS emulator for Pre was unveiled last week and phonedog got some nice videos out, watch and enjoy.

Source – phonedog

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Subbing in on BC Magazine – Lust for the Latest Hong Kong is Asia’s Gateway to Gadgets

bcDid a sub-in piece on BC Magazine this week  Check it out here.

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My Gears – Elinchrom EL Skyport on My Sony A900 System

Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter on My Sony A900

Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter on My Sony A900

Elinchrom Skyport Receiver

Elinchrom Skyport Receiver

Well it took me less than a week to decide on the wireless trigger system for my Sony gears. Decided on the Elinchrom EL Skyport system and got it yesterday. Put it on a few range test and the results were more than satisfactory. Reasons for picking the Skyport is because it is way cheaper solution than the Pocket Wizard which is not legally sold here in Hong Kong due to some stupid radio frequency/broadcast regulations. For the universal radio trigger set (1 transmitter and 1 receiver), it cost less than HK$1,400 (US$180). Got myself couple extra receivers for HK$790 (US$101); great bargain. Way better than the PT-04 from Shamshuipo.

In order for the Skyport to work on the Sony system, a cable is needed and so far I only found these from FlashZebra. It’s the Sony/Minolta proprietary hotshoe to Skyport and it also work with Pocket Wizard and Cybersync. The price at US$46.50 is a bit steep but the construction is awesome. Too bad I’m not good at DIY or else I’ll make myself couple.

Sony/Minolta Proprietary Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport

Sony/Minolta Proprietary Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport

The Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport Itself

The Hotshoe to Elinchrom Skyport Cable Itself

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Hong Kong Voted No. 8 in Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In

The results are out.  The Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In.

AskMen.com, the largest online men’s magazine, today announced the inaugural edition of its “Top 29 Cities for Men to Live In.” Compiled by AskMen.com editors, Chicago topped the list as the best city in the world for the everyday man. Selection criteria for the top cities included, among other factors, the rate of employment, ratio of single women to men, frequency of cultural activities and sporting events and the cost of a pint of beer.

The Top 29 Cities according to the article are –

  1. Chicago
  2. Barcelona
  3. San Francisco
  4. London
  5. Sydney
  6. New York
  7. Berlin
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Paris
  11. Vancouver
  12. Rome
  13. Buenos Aires
  14. Tokyo
  15. Toronto
  16. Miami
  17. Madrid
  18. Vienna
  19. Los Angeles
  20. Montreal
  21. Panama City
  22. Portland
  23. Lyon
  24. Melbourne
  25. Tel Aviv
  26. Santiago
  27. Cape Town
  28. Hamburg
  29. Edinburgh

When I first look at the list, I was surprised to see so few Asian cities on it.  Though I only been to a third of those cities listed, I definitely do have my own list, LOL.  My picks are Osaka; District of Columbia (a city?); Shanghai (really surprise that it’s not on it and none from China); and last but not least, BANGKOK, hehe.

Well, hop on over to www.askmen.com/specials/2009_top_29 for the full read.

Source – AskMen

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